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  • Temporary Remote Attendance Exception Information

    LCPS recognizes that a few families may have unique situations that prohibit a child from daily attendance of scheduled synchronous (online, live) learning activities scheduled by their teachers.

    Parents/guardians must report these unique situations to the Parent Liaison, School Social Worker, or school administration at their school so that proactive measures can be taken to assist in resolving barriers to participation. If the barriers to participation cannot be resolved, the parent/guardian may request a Temporary Remote Attendance Exception (TRAE) via LCPS Permission Click.

    Students will only be granted an exception if approved by the school principal or their designee. Temporary Remote Attendance Exceptions (TRAE) will only be approved for one week and parents/guardians must renew the request weekly by using Permission Click.

    Students who receive a temporary exception (TRAE) must demonstrate participation, engagement, and commitment by turning in a time log showing they have been engaged and participating and turning in assigned work, demonstrating commitment. If a student does not provide a time log or evidence of work or participation in a timely manner, the student will be counted as absent.

    Below are some reasons a student may be considered for a TRAE:
    1. Students do not have internet access.
    2. Students have limited internet access and are not able to attend daily scheduled synchronous learning time due to family hardship.

    Such exceptions must be requested in the following manner:
    1. Parents/Guardians submit the TRAE request via LCPS Permission Click or they can contact their school administration directly if they do not have any online access.
    2. The School principal, or designee, will review and approve or deny the request.
    3. Parents/Guardians must renew weekly

    Exceptions will be approved for students with the following EXPECTATIONS:
    1.Parents/Guardians must submit a time log demonstrating student engagement/participation to the teacher/admin on Mondays.
    2. Students must submit all required assignments (if any) by the following Monday or first day of the school week.
    3. Students must demonstrate engagement, participation, and completion of required work.
    4.  The parent/guardian may resubmit a request for TRAE weekly, using permission click.

    If a student does not meet these expectations and is not providing evidence that he/she is engaged in learning, he/she will be marked absent and the student’s temporary exception may be denied by the school principal.

    HOW TO APPLY: The Permission Click link will be available on the school webpage that your child attends. Please contact the attendance secretary/registrar if you cannot locate the link.


    Attendance Services provides direct support to schools to maintain a high standard of attendance within Loudoun County. Attendance Officers are authorized and required to investigate matters pertaining to the attendance of school-aged children within Loudoun County. Attendance Officers deal with complaints in a timely manner to ensure the opportunity for student success and to meet legal requirements.

    School Attendance Required

    Every child between the ages of 5-18 is required to attend school (public or private), be approved for religious exemption, or receive home instruction, according to the Code of Virginia, §22.1-254. If a parent/guardian believes a child is not ready, the requirements of this section may be alternatively satisfied by sending the child to any public educational pre-kindergarten program, including a Head Start program, or in a private, denominational, or parochial educational pre-kindergarten program. If a parent/guardian wishes to provide home instruction in lieu of school attendance, the parent/guardian must annually notify the Division Superintendent or his/her designee in August of his/her intention and must provide evidence of having met the requirements of state law and a description of the curriculum to be followed for the coming year. Any parent of any school-aged child who does not meet the notification requirements by August 31 of any school year will be subject to other provisions of the state compulsory attendance law.

    Attendance Officers

    Each school is assigned an Attendance Officers who works with students, parents, guardians, and school officials to encourage good school attendance and promote academic success. Attendance Officers are authorized to file petitions with the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court when a parent/guardian and/or student are found not to be in compliance with the Compulsory Attendance Law. If court intervention is required, Attendance Officers seek to obtain Judicial Orders for compliance with attendance related matters. The court may take any number of actions, including establishing attendance requirements, imposing additional requirements, which may include community service hours, levying fines, placing students on probation, and suspending driving privileges.

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