• Mrs. Berman’s Math Class Policies 


    • Class materials are easily accessible!


    I work hard to make sure that all students have easy access to all things Math!  The Remind App will be used to communicate class announcements and (on occasion) individual messages, and students are encouraged to use Remind to reach out to teachers as well.  

    Parent emails are sent using ParentVue, so please be sure that your contact information is up to date.  

    Algebra and Geometry both have a digital textbook. All students will have access to this and learn about the features available to them via this resource. 

    Finally, Schoology will be the home for all our class materials. A class syllabus will be posted and updated with topics covered and descriptions of homework assignments, and all notes and homework (blank and filled out) will be posted as well.  


    Remind Codes- coming soon! 






    • Electronics Policy 


    Students should bring their chrome books, fully charged, to class every day. We will use them often as a supplement to the lesson. When not in use they should be closed and away.  

    Cell phones should be silenced and put away. I have a station in class where students may charge their phones but cords and adapters are not provided.

    We don’t anticipate problems with these requests, however in the event of a repeated issue, we will contact parents. Thanks for your support!


    • Grading Policy 


    LCPS Policy



    • ALL work is important.


    I do not assign a lot of homework as I expect students to be active participants in the learning process while we are together. What that looks like will be discussed during the first week of class. Please ask your child about it. 

    On occasion, additional- outside of class- work will be assigned. Any practice outside of the classroom allows students to apply concepts they have learned after having more time to process. It also helps students and teachers to see areas that need reteaching or reinforcement.   

    Homework may be formative or summative. Please be aware that summative homework grades will count towards the quarter grade. Homework should not be a source of stress or worry – we hope that students will be able to complete most assignments but understand that sometimes other commitments take priority. Homework answer keys will be posted online and students are encouraged to make smart use of this resource to be better informed about their level of understanding.

    Late work will be accepted with a points off penalty for each class period that it is late.

    It is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed and what is due when they are absent.



    • Extra Help is always available! 


    Students will learn that attention in class, practice outside of class, and good communication with the teachers will help them succeed. Students have multiple opportunities for extra help, which we will discuss in class. Opportunities include:

        • Meeting with me before school or during lunch
        • Visiting Math Lab during study hall 
        • Working with a student tutor 
        • Using online resources such as ALEKS, Khan Academy, or the textbook to reinforce topics



    • Supplies


    Binder w/ some paper

    Dividers (optional)


    Highlighters (4 colors) 

    OR Colored Pencils


    Christy Berman

    571-252-2300          christy.berman@lcps.org      @Berman_BRHS

Last Modified on August 24, 2020