First Quarter Learning Targets

  • English – Grade 6 Quarter 1
    DESCRIPTION: The Grade 6 English curriculum is an integrated program of reading and writing skills, activities, and applications designed to develop clear and effective written and oral communication, a life-long appreciation of literature, and those skills necessary to incorporate electronic technology into the research and writing process.
    Specific goals include helping students:
    1) improve critical thinking skills
    2) develop a literary background
    3) read challenging literature
    4) learn grammar, usage, spelling, and mechanics through the writing process
    5) develop skills in the use of electronic technology
    6) practice oral communication skills through individual, small group, and large group learning experiences.
    LCPS will be using Reading and Writing Units of Study.
    MAIN TOPICS: The items listed below outline the required topics for this level. All teachers reinforce the requirements from previous years and, depending on the needs of individual students, may extend instruction beyond the required curriculum. Teachers incorporate activities to review and practice the skills tested on the Grade 6 Reading SOL.
    Writing Unit of Study: Personal Narrative  
    Students will compose an essay based on a memory, a moment in time, that reads like a story with a beginning, middle, and an ending.
    Use the writing process to write to a specific purpose, including reading responses and student reflection.
    Review and teach mechanics as necessary. Edit for correct sentence structure, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
    Reading Unit of Study: A Deep Study of Character
    Discussion and reflection of short stories and independent reading novels to explore character traits and analysis. 
    Story elements and theme will be integrated into this unit.
    Reading Skills & Targets
    Read, comprehend, and analyze a variety of genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.
    Critical thinking skills used when analyzing a variety of texts.
    Inference, drawing conclusions
    Using Context Clues
    On-going non-fiction with Newsela articles and quizzes
    Oral Language:
    Develop oral communication skills through individual and small group presentations and other informal oral activities. 
    Vocabulary words from short stories, articles, and other forms of texts.
    Continue exploration of word elements including prefixes and suffixes.
    Dictionary skills
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