Suicide Prevention Information and Resources

  • Loudoun County Public Schools uses a multilayered approach to suicide prevention. This includes suicide prevention and depression awareness presentations to students in grades 8-12 (SOS Signs of Suicide® Suicide Prevention Program), adoption of the Sources of Strength program through the support of the Ryan Bartel Foundation, annual parent presentations conducted by a nationally recognized expert in the treatment of youth suicide and substance use, staff training regarding signs of and how to seek help for psychologically distressed students, and targeted suicide risk screenings completed by school  mental health staff (school counselors, psychologists, social workers, and student assistance specialists). On this page, you can learn more about LCPS's approach to suicide prevention and review information about emergency and local resources, warning signs of suicide, home-based strategies to reduce suicide risk, and information regarding evidence-based treatment for suicidal youth. 

    Emergency: How Do I Access Help Now?

    If anyone is harming themselves now or has just harmed themselves, call 911 and ask for a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) deputy or officer. 

    There are also resources available 24 hours, 7 days a week for youth experiencing depression, suicidal thoughts or other behavioral crises.  Call 988 from a phone with a Northern Virginia area code (703 or 571) to be automatically linked with the Region 2 (Northern Virginia) Crisis Call Center. 

    Click the arrows next to each topic or the "expand all" button to learn more about available resources, Youth Warning Signs for Suicide, talking about suicide, and LCPS suicide prevention. 

  • Free, Confidential 24/7 Supports

  • Assessment of Suicide Risk at Local Emergency Rooms

  • Youth Warning Signs

  • How Do I Respond: Tips for Talking About Suicide?

  • SOS Signs of Suicide

  • Suicide Risk Screening

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