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  • Who are LCPS School Psychologists?

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    LCPS school psychologists help children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. They collaborate with educators, parents, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments that strengthen connections between home, school, and the community for all students.  (from http://www.nasponline.org/about_sp/whatis.aspx)

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  • What do School Psychologists do?

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    Psychological Evaluations: Assesses the cognitive and behavioral functioning of preschool and school-age children and holds conferences with parents to explain results and identify the educational and mental health needs of the child for students referred for special education or Section 504 services.

    Progress Monitoring: Screens and monitors the progress of students receiving intervention.

    Threat Assessment: Assists school teams in conducting threat assessments and resolving student threats of violence.  

    Behavioral Consultation: Conducts behavioral assessments and assists teachers in developing behavior intervention plans for students whose behavior is interfering with their educational functioning. 

    Counseling: Provides group counseling to special education students who require counseling as a related service and individual and group counseling to general education students (on a limited basis).

    Crisis Intervention: Responds to critical incidents that impact the emotional functioning of students and school staff and provide intervention and support.

    Eligibility Team: Presents psychological evaluation findings and assists the eligibility team in determining whether a child qualifies for special education or Section 504 services.

    Student Support Team: Serves on the school's team to effect school-based interventions for general education students and supports  children and youth with emotional and behavioral disabilities.

    Child Study Team: Serves on the school's Child Study Team to review records and other performance evidence in order to make recommendations to meet educational and behavioral needs of general education students.  This includes helping the school-based team identify and analyze problems, develop targeted interventions, and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and student progress.    

    Coaching: Serves as coaches for the implementation of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Response to Intervention (RtI) frameworks.

    Prevention Education: Presents classroom-based mental health programs to students, such as depression awareness, suicide prevention, disability awareness, and positive mental health and resiliency.

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  • What are some facts about LCPS School Psychologists?

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    Every school in the division is assigned a school psychologist.  Each LCPS psychologist serves one school at the middle and high school levels and typically three schools at the elementary level. 

    School psychologists are highly trained in psychology and education.  The minimum requirements for training include a specialist-level degree program (at least 60 graduate semester hours) in School Psychology and a year-long supervised internship.  One fourth of LCPS school psychologists have earned or are working towards doctoral degrees.

    LCPS school psychologists are licensed by the Virginia Department of Education and the Virginia Board of Psychology.  Most LCPS school psychologists are credentialed as Nationally Certified School Psychologists (NCSP).

    To apply, please visit the LCPS Department of Human Resources and Talent Development website. 

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