• Greetings Parents and Guardians,

             This is Mr. Jeffrey Nattania /na-tan-êa/ and we would like to provide you with a little background information on him. However, first allow us to say that he looks forward and is extremely excited about the up coming year, this being his 2nd year as an 10th grade English teacher, as well as his 2nd year as a Drama Teacher. His previous role, as an 8th grade English teacher at Smarts Mill in Leesburg, VA, was where he experienced Personalized Learning. Prior to Smarts Mill, 
    he was a 6th Grade English teacher and prior to that he was a 7th Grade English over at Seneca Ridge Middle. Six years ago he relocated from Chesapeake, Va where he was in the teaching community for over eight years.
             Mr. Nattania is extremelt excited with the fall production, competition at VHSL and the Spring Musical. Prior to his high school career, he was very involved with Smarts Mill & Seneca Ridge Middle School community, both in and out of the classroom. There he participated with the PBIS (Bolt Behavior) committee as well as being an instructor mentor. He was the creator of the Drama Club and still is a member of the Middle School English Teacher's Book Club, which help decide on new and current books to be incorporated into the curriculum. He was also the Literacy Coach for the English teachers there at SRMS and he worked on fundraisers for the school and participated in the LEA on the side. Mr. Nattania enjoys being a part of the school in many aspects, because school is not just about academics; but the evolving of your children into well equipped teens for high school. 
             Mr. Nattania has been involved in a variety of classroom setting from academics to honors to a blended environment. Based on the different leveled learners he has experienced, he finds that students thrive in an environment that is vibrant, entertaining and enriched with the use of a myriad of modalities.  His belief that a successful approach in the classroom must provide individual reflection and differentiated instruction combined with a variety of modern technologies to assist in the  development of the 21st century student into an intrinsic learner. This year he, as well as all of Smarts Mill, will begin a Personalized Learning enviroment within the classroom. This basically means that much of the learning and skill set practice will come from the needs of the individual student. Time management is just one of the aspects that the students will learn, along with the remediation of skill sets taught in both 6th and 7th grade. More information is to come to help you and the students full understand this completely interactive and engaging learning enviroment.
              He has been in the Theatre Arts for a good portion of his life. He was an Honor Thespian in the International Thespian Society, that means he earned over 500 points within 3 years. He attended VCU, where he was granted admission to the School of Acting. Other than several community plays; Fame, Chorus Line, he was also in the Children's Theatre of Theatre IV. He established and sponsored the Drama Club at Seneca Ridge and will be doing the same here at Parkview.

    He has obtained his Masters in Education from Cambridge College; has four endorsements on his teaching certification: Elementary Education (K-6), English Education (K-12), Theater Education and Speech and Communications, and has over eight years practical teaching experience. 

    He believes in strong communication with both students and parents, but ask that you email first for a quicker turn around time in response. Through email, he promises to provide a return email within 24 hours. He is available most weekdays from 8:15 am - 8:40 am or 4:00 to 4:30pm on Mondays through Fridays, for conferences. He also utilizes email to communicate to parents on assignments and projects within the classroom. Many of the assignments and study guides will appear on this website as well. Mr. Nattania breaks up his classes in color code, so before you sign up on www.myhomeworkapp.com, make sure you are aware of your child's color coded class.

    He also believes in sharing what he reads with the class through social media. He is obsessed with YA books and blogs about each book, tweets and Instagram about the books and class accomplishments. To dtae he has read over 400 YA books while in the LCPS community. He does allow his students to follow him on social media, as well as the parents, so that you may witness his infectious love for reading.

    You may mail him jnattani@lcps.org
    Thank you for your time and he looks forward to an awesome year,
    Mr. Nattania