The Staff, PTA, Administrative Team, and other parents have been working to re-tool the current retake practices at Smart’s Mill so that they are more comprehensive, equitable, eliminating loopholes, and providing more continuity. Our intent is to provide the utmost support for students while balancing a need for personal responsibility. After a great deal of discussion, our revised practices are outlined below.
    1. Students MUST retake a major summative assessment if they score below a 70%.
    2. Students MAY retake a major summative assessment if they score below an 80% (there is a two-week (10 school days) time limit to retake the assessment after the grade has been posted on CLARITY).
    3. Students retaking below a 70% must have some type of formal re-teaching by the teacher. The format of that re-teaching is decided upon by the classroom teacher and/or the CLT.
    4. Students retaking below an 80% will have to complete a work product or independent study that is decided upon by the classroom teacher and/or CLT.
    5. The retake must be a different assessment than the original, and can take any format that the teacher wishes.
    6. The students will have the opportunity for one retake only.
    7. The maximum score available for either retake is an 80%.
    8. If the teacher administers any type assessment where the average score for the class is below a 70%, the teacher will either make the assessment “formative” or will give all students the opportunity to improve their score to 100% after re-teaching has taken place.
    9. Teachers still have the autonomy to allow students (on a case-by-case basis) the opportunity to take a retake should they perceive the need.
    Students will be allotted time equal to the number of days missed to submit make-up work. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain absent work. A late penalty and/or a grade of zero will be given if an assignment is not made up within the time allotted (6 DAYS FOR LATE WORK). If a student is absent on the due date of a major grade (ex. project, essay), the assignment will be due the day they return. Video recordings of virtual classes are available upon request to those who were absent.