• Class expectations


    • Come to class prepared with appropriate materials
    • Arrive on time
    • Treat peers and materials with respect
    • Follow safety rules and instructions during labs.


    Want to be successful in Physical Science?...


    1. Complete Homework assignments on time
    2. Participate in class
    3. Be responsible, safe, and respectful


    1. Students will write down homework every day in their agenda.
    2. It is the school’s expectation that students keep an accurate record of assignments in their agenda. 
    3. As a back-up system, all assignments are posted on Google Calendar.  (Be aware that technology can be unreliable!)  
    4. All assignments should be turned in on time and the expectation is that homework will be completed BEFORE students walk in for class each day.  



    1. Reference the Google Calendar for Agenda and Homework assignments on missed day(s).
    2. If not sure what to do after viewing the calendar, contact the teacher.