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       Important Message

    Measures remain in place for the safety of all persons utilizing facilities within Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

    Reopening Phase 3/ begins Wednesday, July 1, 2020, and is detailed on the chart appearing below.

     For your information, and as noted in Phase 3, effective July 1, 2020 compliance with the

     Phase 3 – Guidelines for LCPS Buildings and Grounds/Events and Activities are required.

    Updated LCPS Facility Use Terms and Conditions - Effective November 16, 2020associated with COVID-19 have been updated.

    As the reopening of facilities within LCPS begins, your assistance and cooperation are appreciated to ensure safe and proper use.

    Refunds for pre-paid cancelled events may be requested by e-mailing the facility use e-mail address: facilityuse@lcps.org

    STAY INFORMED - For the most recent information from LCPS about COVID-19 Coronavirus, please visit the FAQ Page.

    Phase 3 Chart

     Community Use of School Facilities

    Thank you for your interest in facility use within Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS).  When not occupied during instructional days and student activity times, LCPS school facilities are available for use by the community in accordance with School Board Policy and Regulation 6310 - Facility Use, schedule of fees, and "Terms and Conditions." 

    Organizations requesting the use of LCPS facilities must be registered as an approved user and have established a facility use account.   In order to begin the registration process, select the Community Use Organization Self Registration link located to the right on this page.


    Previous issues with facility use invoice credit card payments have been resolved. However, should an organization representative experience a problem when attempting to process a credit card payment for a facility use invoice, please immediately e-mail the Facility Use Office at facilityuse@lcps.org and advise staff about the matter.

    Staff will promptly seek guidance to provide access for the payment.

    Facility use invoice payment by check, cashier's check, or money order remains an option.

    Please make payment to: County of Loudoun.


    Visuals are provided here to assist you in completing the self-registration process:

    Loudoun County Public Schools - Applying to Become an Approved Facility Use Organization  

    Requesting Access to CommunityUse - Video



  • Request Use of School Facilities Here - Community Use Portal

    • Rooms at schools available to request are the auditorium, auxiliary and main gymnasium/ multipurpose room, cafeteria and library
    • Athletic areas available to request are natural grass and high school artificial turf playing fields, high school running tracks and high school tennis courts
    • Classroom use at schools must be requested by contacting the school
    The video at this link Submitting Requests in Community Use provides clear, easy instructions for submitting an online facility use request.

    Log in and complete your on-line facility use request here: Community Use Login


    Loudoun County Public Schools facility use Updated "Terms and Conditions" require notification for changes to or cancellation of an event be provided, in writing, to the school administration where the event is scheduled to be held no less than three (3) business days prior to the date of the event in order to avoid payment of facility use fees. Failure to comply with the "Terms and Conditions" will result in full payment of facility use fee charges for the event. 

  • Facility Use Fees

    Credit card payments are now accepted for payment of facility use fees.
    Paying by credit card may require a change to an event/events booked by the school staff.
    If you have any questions about facility use fee credit card payments, please contact the Division of Management and Coordination|Facility Use, as noted at the bottom of this page.  

  • School Board Policy & Regulation - 6310

    School Board Policy - 6310

  • Terms and Conditions

    Updated Terms and Conditions 

  • Delayed Openings|Early Closing|Closing Information

    The safety of all participants and spectators during events held within LCPS is a priority at all times. It is the responsibility of the organization representative to be aware of periods of inclement weather, or other incidences resulting in the need for LCPS to delay opening, close early, or close entirely.  
    The following sources provide real-time information about after-school, weekend, and holiday delays and closings within LCPS: 
    • LCPS Website: www.lcps.org  (under the article section) during inclement weather announcements are posted regarding the delay, early closing, or closing of schools. 
    • LCPS Mobile App: Free app available at the Apple App Store and via the Google Play App Store.  LCPS sends notifications through the app announcing school delays and closings, similar to a text message. 
    • Alert Loudoun:  School delays and closings are announced via the County of Loudoun - at the following link:  Alert Loudoun  You may subscribe to receive "only" information about school delays and closings. 
    • Natural Grass Field Use: During inclement weather, it may be necessary to close LCPS natural grass fields. To ensure fields are open, please verify field status at the following link: PRCS Field Status WINTER SEASON (November 15 through March 15) all-natural grass fields are closed.


    Approved events may be canceled or postponed for reasons including, but not limited to emergencies involving student events and activities, inclement weather, and power/water outage.  When possible, attempts will be made to avoid postponement or cancellation of approved events. 

  • Information for Athletic Organizations

     Organizations associated with Loudoun County Parks, Recreation, and Community Services (PRCS) must request the use of LCPS facilities directly through PRCS. 

    Organizations not associated with PRCS and requesting the use of LCPS gymnasiums or school athletic playing fields must be an approved LCPS organization as previously described. 
    Organizations not associated with PRCS will be required to pay all applicable facility use fees.  A list of fees is located on the Schedule of Facility Use Fees link located on this page.
    The appropriate school administrator will review the request and contact the organization representative with any questions about the information provided.

    No facility use request will be considered approved until a confirming email of approval is sent by LCPS to the organization representative.


    Loudoun County Public Schools' natural grass athletic playing fields at elementary and middle school locations will be closed for the winter season from November 15 until March 15. High school natural grass athletic playing fields are closed from November 15 until March 31.

    Organizations approved for use of LCPS facilities and grounds may check the field status - open or closed - daily, at the following link: LCPS Playing Field Status


  • Please contact the Division of Management and Coordination|Facility Use

    with any questions about use of LCPS facilities
    Telephone: 571-252-1385
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