AP Chemistry Polices and Procedures

  • Required Materials needed for class:

    2" or larger 3-ring binder

    1 Package of Dividers

    Composition Notebook

    Scientific or graphing calculator


    Black or blue pens



    Grading Policy:






    Summative graded assessments which determine the students’ knowledge and understanding of the material; graded on accuracy. Unit Tests usually contain a multiple-choice portion and a free response portion.

    Reassessment Policy: If a student scores below an 80% on a unit test they have the opportunity to reassess to earn up to an 80% for that test.



    Experiments which enhance students’ understanding of the content; graded on accuracy.


    Students will need the following supplies:

                2" or larger 3-ring binder                                 1 pack of notebook dividers

    Composition Notebook                                   Graphing calculator

    Pencils                                                            Black or blue pens


    *Students will need to bring in $6 (check to BWHS or cash); this will cover the cost of their own set of goggles.

    Expectations and Course Policies:

    1. Absences:
    • Complete any work and collect any handouts you missed from Google Classroom, PRIOR to the next class
    • Collect any handouts from your folder or print them from Google Classroom
    • Fill out Make Up Forms in Google Classroom or BWHS Website for scheduling make up assessments or labs.
    1. Office Hours:
    • Sign in when you arrive
    • Bring specific questions or problems to work on
    • Respect my time
    • Come in as soon as you are confused about something, do not wait until right before the test and expect me to answer everything



    1. Late work:
    • If you are absent (excused) from school the day an assignment is due, you are expected to turn in the assignment the next school day you are present
    • If you leave school early, prior to my class, you are expected to turn in the assignment before you leave
    • If you come to school late, after my class, you are expected to turn in the assignment as soon as you arrive
    • If you are on a school-related field trip, you mu are expected to st turn in the assignment the day it is due, even if your field-trip causes you to be absent from my class
    • You are expected to make up an assessment within 1 week
    1. Homework:
    • Do the assigned homework
    • For Paper Homework, check your answers against the key once it is posted on Google Classroom.
    • Online Homework assignments on Google Classroom must be completed by due date
    • Come in during office hours for help if you are confused
    1. Labs:
    • The number one priority while in lab is SAFETY. While in the lab, proper safety procedures must be followed. If you do not operate in a safe manner in the lab then appropriate consequences will be given.
    • All students are required to use a composition notebook as a lab notebook.
    • The Pre-Lab assignment is due at the beginning of class the day of the lab and must be completed in the lab notebook.
    • If you do not have the Pre-Lab assignment completed or you are not dressed properly, then you will not be allowed to participate in the lab that day. You will be given the opportunity to make-up the lab. Lab make-ups must be completed within 1 week.
      • Proper dress for labs includes closed-toed shoes which cover the entire foot. Be aware that some labs require the student to wear long pants. Students will be informed of this prior to the lab day.
    • All lab information and data must be recorded in the lab notebook.
    • If you are absent the day of the lab, you must make up the lab within 1 week.
      • You are expected to turn in the Pre-Lab assignment the next time you are in school, even if you aren’t making up the lab until later.
      • You must discuss with me when the Post-Lab is due when you are making up the lab.

    6.     Tests:-        Tests will contain multiple choice and free response (problem solving) questions-        Each test will contain 10-20% material from previous units-        Questions will include AP-level understanding and application questions7.     Test Reassessment:-        Students have the opportunity to reassess on tests in which they score below an 80%. -        The maximum score earned on a reassessment is an 80%. -        Students are expected to schedule their reassessment within 1 week of posting the grade; no reassessments will be given in the last week of the quarter. -        Students are responsible for filling out the reassessment form (On Google Classroom) in order to reassess.

    1. Phoenix/Parent Vue/Student Vue:
    • Phoenix, our gradebook system, should be checked regularly by the student and parent. If there is a concern, please address this immediately.
    • Communication with students and parents will be done through Phoenix. Parents need to make sure their email addresses are up-to-date in Phoenix.
    1. Student Communication
    • Students are to use their LCPS provided email address, only. Students should not email me using their personal email address at all.



    1. Honor Code Policy:
    • Cheating is defined as giving or receiving help to/from another student. Each graded assignment is to be done solely by the student. If you are struggling, you should seek help from me and not another student. This includes pre-labs and lab reports! If you cheat, your parent/guardian will be notified, and a disciplinary form will be sent to the administration. The Briar Woods Honor Code Policy will be strictly enforced. At the top of each assignment, you must sign your name to indicate that you understand your responsibilities.

    11.  Specific Classroom Rules

    1.       Safety First!!! All safety rules (see safety agreement) are to be followed.

    2.       Respect others.

    3.       Follow Honor Code.

    4.       Come to class prepared.

    5.       No eating or drinking in the laboratory.