• Staying Connected with our Class


    Below are the many different ways that you can stay connected with our class. I encourage you to use all of them so that you can be fully immersed in your child's 5th grade year! 



  • Blog


    Make sure to subscribe to our blog because this is where I post all my class communication. It is a valuable tool to reference weekly!


    When you get to my blog, you can scroll to the bottom of the home screen and there will be a place to type in your email address to subscribe (you will receive a confirmation email from Feed Burner...make sure to verify your email to complete the process!) Whenever I post to my blog, you will receive an email with the blog post. However, I encourge you to bookmark my blog on your home computer because there are a lot of other valuable resources and links that you won't have access to through the blog email. 


    Visit our blog here




    I use social media as a way to keep you connected with the happenings in our classroom. I have two social media platforms that I use: Twitter & Instagram.


    Twitter: This is our class twitter account and it is private (I have to approve who follows me and only followers can see what I post). I will share pictures of what we are doing in our classroom to keep everyone connected. I will ONLY post pictures of students who I have received permission from (permission given by signing my social media form). 


    Follow our class Twitter by clicking here



    Instagram: This is my teacher account and it is NOT private (anyone can follow me and see what I post). I post pictures of cool activities we do in class and general teacher related things to share with the larger teaching community. It is fun insight into the behind-the-scenes life of a teacher. I also post some things about my personal life too. If I post pictures of students, I WILL NOT show their faces (think back of heads or large sticker covering their face). If I think there is value in sharing a photo where a student's face will be shown, then I will email you directly for your approval


    Follow my teacher Instagram by clicking here

  • Email


    Email is one of the best ways to contact me directly. I don't frequently check my email during the school day (see Remind 101 below), but check it often after school, until about 8pm. I try to respond to emails immediately, but usually will respond within a couple of days. Please email me if you have any questions, concerns, exciting news, etc. You can never send too many emails :-) 


    My email address is jmartins@lcps.org.




    I usually have my cell phone on me during the day and can check messages during non-instructional time. Please feel free to text me using the Remind 101 app to let me know something important or if you need a quick response to something. I will use this app to send quick reminders to all who are subscribed, but anything more detailed will be posted on my blog.  If you have more detailed matters you would like addressed, email would be the preferred method


    If you haven't joined my Remind account, please visit our class blog and click the link on the right hand side of the page.