• BW World Languages and Culture Department uses a point value system for grading.

    There are 2 different classifications, formative and summative.

    Formative Assessment - Formative Assessment takes place during the learning process and is designed to guide the next steps toward mastery.  The goal of Formative Assessment is to help each teacher monitor learning, provide feedback to the student, and set goals to move learning forward.  Formative Assessment will be used to inform each teacher on the next steps in developing their instruction.  Formative Assessments will possibly be scored, but the grade will not be used in determing a student's overall grade.

    Summative Assessments - Summative Assessments will be given throughout the quarter and are designed to determine a student's level of proficiency of the language.  Summative Assessments will form the basis of a student's quarter grade.  Summative Assessments can include traditional essays, quizzes, tests and projects but also more language related tasks, such as speaking assignments, cultural investigations, and listening reinforcement.