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    Physical Education Syllabus Contract





    1. Follow Directions
    2. Use the fitness and sport equipment appropriately
    3. Be on Task
    4. Be Safe
    5. Be Respectful and Cooperative
    6. Practice Good Sportsmanship
    7. You are responsible for your own actions, behave in a way that you can be proud of!
    8. Come to class prepared and ready to participate.
    9. Keep valuables locked up in locker room.


    Grading for Physical Education:


    There will be a daily physical education grade of 20 points based on the ninth grade physical education standards of learning.  Any additional assignments such as quizzes, tests, or class work given during Physical Education will be separate from the daily grade and given its own value of points.  Please note: students who are absent are required to earn their points for the day of their absence. This applies to both excused and unexcused absences from school. Please see your teacher for makeup assignments/activities.



    The Daily Physical Education Grade is based on the standards of learning listed below:


    Motor Skill Development (15 points)

    Standards: 9.1 The student will…

    9.1 a) demonstrate proficiency and refinement in locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills through appropriate activities.

    9.1 c) Apply the concepts of levers, force, motion, and rotation in a variety of activities.  

    9.1 f.) demonstrate competency in one or more specialized skills in health-related fitness activities.


    Social Development (5 points)

    Standard: 9.4 The student will…

    a.) demonstrate proper etiquette, respect for others, integrity, and teamwork while engaging in a variety of activities.

    e.) Apply communication skills and strategies that promote positive team/group dynamics.

    g.) Apply best practices for participating safely in physical activity setting. Including: injury prevention, use of equipment and implementation of rules.


    Requirements for Physical Education Attire are as follows….


    - School appropriate shorts and t shirt (no cut-offs or tank tops)

    - Athletic shorts or sweat pants (mid-thigh or below—no short shorts or spandex)

    - Athletic shoes with laces which can be tied for appropriate support during activity.

    - Socks






    Attendance Policy:


    - A makeup activity is required for both excused and unexcused absences; otherwise a loss of points will occur.  Please see your teacher upon your return for instructions on how to make class up activities or assignments missed


    **for medical excuses please see your teacher for a restricted activity form.


    Physical Education Locker Room Policies and Procedures:



    1. Students are not permitted in the gymnasiums unless there is a teacher or staff member present. Please report to the designated area instructed by your teacher.
    2. Students are expected to behave responsibly while in the locker room always. Once a student is dressed they are expected to report to the designated area instructed by their teacher. Students are not allowed to hang out in the locker room. Any vandalism, fighting, unsafe conduct or other inappropriate behavior in the locker room will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in accordance to the school's discipline policy. If someone in the locker room is behaving inappropriately or someone is in the locker room that does not belong, notify a PE teacher immediately.
    3. Students are expected to keep the locker room clean always.
    4. No food or drinks are permitted at any time in the P.E. locker room.
    5. No video or audio recording devices are permitted in the locker room at any time.
    6. In season athletes are not allowed in the team locker room during regular school hours. Those athletes who wish to use the locker room during the season may do so before or after school. 
    7. Each student will have his/her own gym locker. Each student must know his/her own combination daily.  Students should never share their combination with another student.  Students should not share lockers.  No one can use another's locker for storage in any way.  Should there be a problem with a lock or locker, notify a physical education teacher immediately.
    8. Students are responsible for making sure their locker is closed & locked before leaving the PE locker room. Students should never leave items unsecured in the locker rooms. Students are responsible for their own belongings. Students are expected to secure all their clothes and personal items in a locked locker during Physical Education class.  The school is not responsible for missing or stolen items left unsecured.
    9. Lost or damaged PE locks must be reported to your teacher and a replacement lock will be issued. Students may be required to pay for lost or damaged PE locks.
    10. Teachers will clear out the locker room five minutes after the tardy bell. It will remain locked until the physical education classes are dismissed to get dressed. Tardy students must report to the gym for attendance.





    Grading for Classroom:


    1. Formative assessments will be used in the classroom setting. They will only be checked for completion, not accuracy.  The maximum value of a formative assessment will be 20 points.
    2. Summative assessments will count for most of the classroom grade. Summative assessments will range in value from 20 points to 100 points.  These can include tests, quizzes, take-home and in-class projects.   Rubrics will be provided for projects.
    3. Homework: Teachers may assign homework during classroom instruction.
      1. Homework is expected to be turned in on time and will be graded for completion.


    1. Any student that obtains below an 80% will have an opportunity to retake the assignment or assessment for a higher grade but cannot receive anything higher than an 80%.








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    I agree to abide by the following expectations and know that there will be consequences if I do not make the appropriate choices in regards to my behavior and actions.


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