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    Our Mission

    The Riverside Alumni Association was established to maintain Alumni connections at Riverside for Homecoming and reunion events, share Alumni news, and to facilitate networking and career opportunites for our college graduates through Riverside's Career Center. Dedicated class agents will collect news and updates and forward them to Mr. Dan Wojcik whose photojournalism class will produce a quarterly Alumni newsletter, which will be e-mailed and available through archival links below.


    Key Contacts

    Co- sponsors                      Larry Wharton               Larry.wharton@lcps.org

                                                  Dan Wojcik                   Dan.wojcik@lcps.org


    Admin Liaison

    Counseling Liaison

    Career Center Liaison

    Data Base & Social Media

    Homecoming /SCA

    PBIS Liaison

    Parent Liaisons                   Tonya Body                   Tonya.body@gmail.com                    

                                                  Elmer Ramrez               goduke88@yahoo.com

    Reunion Consultants          Pamela Lind                  plindproperties@comcast.net

                                                  Karen Pettit                    kjpettit@me.com


    Ramlumni Ambassadors (class agents) - all alumni, please submit any/all news and updates through your class agents listed below


    Class of 2019/Reunion 2024

    Julie Armand                       julie.armand@aol.com

    Kendra Keyser                     kendrakeyser13@gmail.com

    Caroline Maller                    caroline.maller1@gmail.com

    Avery Marelli                       averymarelli@gmail.com

    Skye Meyer                          Skye Meyer

    Miles Moody                         milesnmoody@gmail.com

    Josh Sanderson                    jasanderson3@gmail.com

    Renee VanDyke                    reneevandyke25@gmail.com


    Class of 2018/Reunion 2023

    Susanna Getis                      susanna@getis.com

    Elise Kim                               elisekim117@gmail.com

    Marissa Klein                        marissaklein00@gmail.com

    Emma Ong                           emmaong1@gmail.com

    Justin Rocha                         justinrocha00@yahoo.com

    Emily Tirrell                          emilytirrell@vt.edu


    Class of 2017/Reunion 2022

    Troy Jackson                        Tajackson1234@gmail.com


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