Frequently Asked Questions



    Please contact your child's EL teacher with any questions you may have about our EL program and procedures.  We are always available via phone, email and in person.  The home/school connection is critical for the success of our students.


     How do I find out who my child's EL teacher is?

    We have four EL teachers here at Madison's trust.  This school year (2021-2022) we are working with various grade levels.  You may call the school directly or reach out to us via phone 703-957-4470 or email.


    Ms.. Jhissell Klingerman  

    Ms. Sonja Babcock           

    Ms. Sarah Trinen              

    Ms. Brittany Griffin          




    What is the goal of the EL program/EL Teachers?

    Our goal is for students to be successful in their classroom while working towards mastery of the four domains of the English language – listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  A child may be a fluent English speaker and still qualify for EL services based on a composite test score that includes reading and writing (see WIDA ACCESS tab).  The EL specialists are here to assist students and help them progress towards a high level of both social and academic English language proficiency.


    How do I know who my child's EL teacher is?

    We have four EL teachers at Madison's Trust.  Each teacher is working with 2-3 specific grade levels.  We will send out brief introduction letters with contact information at the beginning of the school year.  Your child's homeroom teacher can also share.  We do our best to attend as many Back to School events in the rooms we are supporting.  If we are not in a classroom supporting, we can be found upstairs in room 218.

    When does the EL teacher stop supporting my child?

    ELL Program Completion

     English Learners exit EL status by meeting proficiency on the annual ELP proficiency assessment (ACCESS).  Exited ELs must be monitored for two years for academic success after reaching proficiency.

    Students are moved from active to monitor status when they have achieved a high degree of fluency and accuracy when speaking, are able to read a wide range of texts, and are approaching fluency in writing in the content areas with minimal errors. They are placed on monitor status for the next two years. During this time, student progress is monitored to insure success in all academic areas. Further ELL support can be given during this period, if needed. At the end of the two-year monitor period, students are then finished with the ELL program.


    How are parents notified if their child is receiving EL services?

    Once eligibility is determined, district parent notification letters are mailed out by LCPS notifiying parents.  These letters are generally mailed out in late August.  Parents should be aware if their child is an EL student by the start of the school year.  


    What is an EL Participation plan and why is it important?

    EL Assessment Participation Plans The EL Assessment Participation Plans (formerly the LEP Plans) must be completed for all active EL students taking the SOL tests in grades 3-8 and End of Course (EOC) to include opt-out and monitor first and second year students. The Plan documents the appropriate accommodations for the SOL and End Course Assessments for ELs.

    EL Participation Plans are created in late October.


    Why was my child screened for EL services?

    When you register your child for school in Loudoun County, your registration form asks what languages are spoken in your home.  If you list any language other than English, your child will be screened to determine if he/she is eligible to receive English Learner (EL) services.  If your child qualifies, he/she will receive support inside his/her regular classroom from an EL teacher.  Students may also be pulled from class for individual or group lessons.  The support a student receives fluctuates based on the individual and immediate need of that student.


    What can I do if I still have more questions about EL services at Madison's Trust?

    Please set up an appointment to meet with one of the EL teachers and be sure to visit the Loudoun County EL Webpage for additional FAQ's.