• My schedule:

    A days

    1st- Planning (Science workroom)

    2nd- Academic Earth Science (Room 241)

    3rd- Research Earth Science (Room 243)

    4th- Academic Earth Science (Room 243)

    B days

    5th- Attendance Duty 

    6th- Academic Earth Science (Room 243)

    7th- Planning (Science workroom)

    8th- Academic Earth Science (Room 241)

    I am generally at the school from 8:30-4:03. Before school and during my planning blocks I am usually in the science workroom, but if you need to meet with me outside of class you should make an appointment. I will not meet with you during your CORE if I haven't given you a pass and I sometimes have meetings before and after school. 

Last Modified on August 20, 2019