• Academic Earth Science Syllabus

    Welcome to Earth Science, we will be exploring the systems that formed and regulate conditions on our planet. This class will have units on meteorology, oceanography, astronomy, plate tectonics, minerals, rocks, surface processes, geologic history, and Virginia’s geology. Additionally, students will study and practice using the principles of scientific investigation throughout the year.

    Classroom Procedures

    1. We will follow the guidelines set forth in the student handbook, particularly those items pertaining to testing procedures.
    2. Food, drink, gum, etc. are not allowed in the classroom.
    3. Students should come to class prepared to begin work immediately. When the bell rings, the door closes and class begins- be on time for work.
    4. Supplies: Students will need to bring the following supplies daily: Chromebook, 1.5” binder, loose leaf paper, and pens or pencils. Colored pencils are optional in class, but every student is expected have a set at home along with scissors and glue. If you have a financial situation that limits your ability to obtain these, please let me know. Please ensure that your Chromebook is charged every day prior to class. You will use it daily for classwork and assignments.
    5. Any paper assignments are to be placed neatly in the assigned folder on my desk. Assignments through Google Classroom should be turned in per the directions in the assignment.
    6. Lesson agenda and objectives will be provided daily in class and Google classroom. If you are absent or misplace a paper, please look for it on Google classroom before coming to me.
    7. You will work in teams, individually, and as a class.
    8. All “exit tickets” must be turned in at the end of class. These may be paper or electronic, depending on the assignment.
    9. Tests will be given on the day scheduled. Test dates will be announced in advance.
    10. Arrangements for make-up tests due to absence, like all make-up work is the sole responsibility of the student. If you miss the day of a test, you should plan to take the test the day you return to school. If you miss the day before a test, you will be expected to take the class with the rest of the class. For longer absences, see me privately or email me. Make up tests will not be the same test that the rest of the class took and may not be the same format.
    11. Most classwork experiences can’t be made up. When you miss a class, you miss a once in a lifetime experience. Classwork is due on the day assigned. Time will be given in class to work on most, but not all, homework assignments. If you are absent and miss a lab, test or activity due to an excused absence, you will have one week to make it up. Lab work must be made up by appointment with the teacher, before school. It is your responsibility to approach the teacher about makeup work.
    12. You are here to learn, this cannot be accomplished unless you are listening to the lesson and the instructions. Talking, using your cellphone, picking at your neighbor, etc. are inappropriate and unacceptable behaviors in the classroom.
    13. Students should bring their fully charged Chromebooks to class daily. Use of the Chromebook in a time or manner other than directed and use of any other electronic devices, including headphones and cell phones, is not allowed.
    14. Grading: Formative assessments are to measure your understanding of the subject. Daily quizzes, warm ups, classwork, and exit tickets will all be formative assessments. Summative assessments are to measure your mastery of the subject and will make up 100% of your grade. These will include unit quizzes and tests, labs, and homework assignments.
    15. Retake policy (to be updated if LCPS policy changes): Students may retake one summative assessment per quarter. All formative work for the unit must be completed beforehand as well as test corrections to show that they have relearned the material. Students are only eligible if they score below 80% and the max score they can receive on a retake will be 80%. If a student is interested in retaking a test they must email me to set up an appointment within one week of the tests being returned.

    More questions? My teacher website can be found by going to the PFHS website and clicking on my name on the Staff tab. It contains my schedule, helpful information such as how to sign up for Remind, and links, including the directions for accessing the online version of our class textbook.

    Need help? The best way to reach me is by email: Amelia.Zarate@LCPS.org. I will usually respond within 24 hours on school days. I am at school and available from 8:30-4:03 or by appointment. My planning blocks are first and seventh. If you have CORE during one of my planning blocks and would like to meet, talk to me beforehand to make an appointment get a CORE pass. I will not meet with any students during CORE if they have not made an appointment.

Last Modified on September 13, 2019