Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Nina Anderson

I have a K-8 Elementary Education Degree, a Masters in Curriculaum and Instruction, and a concentration in Gifted Education.  I have been working in the public-school environment for 19 years (7 years in second grade and 12 in Kindergarten).  The Virginia SOLs guide my instruction, but appreciating diversity within and outside my classroom drives my teaching. My instructional style incorporates differentiation and flexibility to meet the academic and social needs of the young children in my care.   

While public school is my formal teaching and learning domain, I take advantage of any opportunity to think “outside the box” and take learning outdoors. In a "typical" school year I can be found with a menagerie of creatures in my classroom, borrowed temporarily for observation and lessons in life and its patterns and cycles. It is my goal to nurture my students academically and develop in them an appreciation of the natural world. In short, I make a daily investment in the youth of today, for the promise of a better tomorrow.