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  • Transportation Request For Academies of Loudoun

    All students enrolled at the Academies of Loudoun for the 2021 – 2022 school year have been routed by the Loudoun County Public Schools Transportation Division.

    Transportation information will be posted in ParentVUE on Monday, August 16, 2021.

    If your student will not be using the school bus to travel to and from the Academies of Loudoun, you are encouraged to go into ParentVUE and select “I do not need transportation”.  For information about ParentVUE, click here. 

    If you have questions about your student’s transportation please visit the Transportation Concern Registry.

  • Rental Vehicle Information

    LCPS Staff:  Information regarding Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reservations and Accident Procedures:

  • Alternative Transportation

    LCPS Transportation will begin accepting requests on Monday, June 20, 2022, and ending on Friday, July 22, 2022 for the upcoming 2022-23 school year.  It will reopen again on September 12, 2022. 


    Collaboration between the Department of Digital Innovation and the Transportation Division will give parents and guardians the ability to make alternative transportation requests using ParentVUE.  Alternative Transportation is defined as “Transportation to/from a location that is not the bus stop established based on the student’s home address.”  Examples are daycare or a family member’s residence.  Requests for alternative transportation must also be to a location within the attendance area of your student’s school of assignment.

    Each request is for an individual student only and is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Parents will be notified by email regarding the decision made on the request.

    Instructions for submitting a request in ParentVUE:

    ParentVUE Web Version

    1. Log into ParentVUE at https://portal.lcps.org using a web browser.
    2. Click the Resources & Opportunities menu
    3. Click the Request Alternative Transportation
    4. Complete the Permission Click form for one or more students needing Alternative Transportation.

    ParentVUE Mobile App

    1. Log into the ParentVUE mobile app.
    2. Tap the photo of a student.
    3. Scroll down and tap the Resources & Opportunities
    4. Tap the Request Alternative Transportation
    5. Complete the Permission Click form for one or more students needing Alternative Transportation.


  • Field Trip Information and Forms

  • Activity Bus Stops

    Activity Bus Stops

    • After school activities are determined by the school administration

    • Each school determines if they will offer an activity run

    • LCPS Transportation maintains the activity run schedule and stops

    • Parents are responsible for transportation from the regional stop to home

    • Stop times may vary depending on student ridership volume


  • Kindergarten Transportation: Rules & Responsibilities

    LCPS Kindergarten
    • Students must be met by a parent, guardian, or authorized escort at the bus stop during drop off.
    • Students are issued a Kindergarten tag to attach to their backpack/bookbag. Please leave the tag in place as it is utilized for the entire school year.  If a sibling is the assigned escort, the sibling is required to have a matching tag attached to their backpack/bookbag labeled with the kindergarten student's ID number.Tags are also provided to parents, guardians, or authorized escorts. Both the student tag and parent/guardian/escort tag will be labeled with the student ID number. The tag must be presented to the bus driver at the bus door when meeting the Kindergarten child at the bus stop.
    • If a replacement or additional tags are needed, please contact your school secretary.
    • Kindergarten students are released first from the bus so the driver can ensure a parent or guardian is available to receive the child.
    • Any students not met will be returned to the school office at the end of the bus run. In this case, parents will be required to pick up the student at the school office.


  • Understanding Kindergarten Tags

    These guidelines will help parents understand how and why tags are used when transporting Kindergarten students to and from school.  

    Guidelines-English version

    Guidelines-Spanish version

    Guidelines-Arabic version

    Guidelines-Farsi version

    Guidelines-Vietnamese version

  • Where's My Bus Stop Located?

    For safety and security reasons, LCPS Transportation does not post bus stop locations to the general public. 


    The location of your child’s bus stop is contained within ParentVUE.  A ParentVUE account is required and can be obtained via your child’s school or school website.  To register clicking here.  


    Please note:  Students must access Phoenix the first time from a computer in their school to be able to access ParentVue at home.


    Bus Route Information (Bus transportation information is not available in the ParentVUE mobile application.)

    To view your child’s bus route information, simply log into the ParentVUE web application, by clicking here.  Once you have logged in, the bus route information is located within the “Student Info” tab under the heading “Transportation Information”.


    Transportation Information

    Bus Route To School

    Pick Up Bus Stop

    Est. Pick Up Time
    8:15 AM

    Bus Route From School

    Drop Off Bus Stop

    *Est. Drop Off Time
    3:30 PM

    *NOTE: This is an ESTIMATED drop off time.  Many factors can affect this time estimate.

    To understand in more detail how ParentVUE can be an excellent resource, click here to see additional tips, FAQs, video and more.

  • Bus Ridership Eligibility

    LCPS Transportation services shall be provided for elementary students living more than one (1.0) mile and middle and high school students living more than one and one-quarter (1.25) miles from the front door of their boundary specific school of assignment. Elementary students eligible for transportation may be required to walk up to one (1.0) mile to reach a bus stop. Middle and high school students eligible for transportation may be required to walk up to one and one-quarter (1.25) miles to a bus stop.











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