• Emergency Information Guide for Parents & Guardians                 should an emergency incident occur at your child's school

    The links below provide critical information on what you should do should an emergency incident occur at your child’s school.  The most important things to remember are:

    • DO NOT go to your child’s school.  Law enforcement will secure the campus perimeter, and no one except emergency responders will be permitted entry onto the campus.  Going to your child’s school will only hamper emergency response efforts and their ability to gain entry to the campus.
    • DO NOT phone or text your child.  This ties up critically needed cell towers during an emergency.
    • Listen to the message(s) you will receive via Blackboard Mass Notification.  This is the primary method LCPS will use to distribute critical information.
    • Check www.LCPS.org for updates.  Local radio and TV stations will also have updated information.
    • Rely only on official communications from LCPS school officials.  Do not rely on social media posts or rumors spread via posts, texts, or emails.
    • The Blackboard Mass Notification will provide instructions on where to go to be reunited with your child.  Remember to bring a state issued photo ID.  Students will only be released to parents/guardians and others who are documented as emergency contacts.

     Please go to the below links to learn more about responding to emergencies at your child’s school.

    (English): Emergency Guide for Parents

    (Spanish): Emergency Guide for Parents



Last Modified on February 16, 2022