• About the Department of Student Services

  • The Department of Student Services provides support to all students through the offices of Diagnostic and Prevention Services, Special Education, Student Mental Health Services, and Student Services.  We believe in a “whole child approach to education” to support and enhance the LCPS mission of empowering all students to make meaningful contributions to the world.  Educating the whole child addresses the academic, social-emotional, behavioral, and health needs of all students so that they may have a positive and productive school experience.  Focused on the whole child, the Department of Student Services promotes a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) approach to prevention and intervention programming and support to schools. 

    The Department of Student Services empowers students through the support of various school-based leadership opportunities that include, and are not limited to, Positive Experiences in Educational Relationships (PEER), Sources of Strength, and unified sports teams and activities.  We celebrate our student leaders that positively influence school culture and promote healthy attitudes and behavior among their peers.

    The Department of Student Services engages families through forums and workshops provided through Parent Resource Services (PRS).  In addition to answering questions and providing information related to special education matters, PRS provides dozens of informational seminars on topics related to special education and mental wellness..

    The Department of Student Services supports student performance by providing leadership, management, and accountability for special education, school counseling, student registration, student health, social work, student assistance, attendance, homebound, Section 504, outreach, special permission, home instruction, religious exemptions, kindergarten exemptions, tuition requests, threat assessment, diagnostic, psychological, and parent resource services.

Last Modified on April 29, 2024