• LCPS Go - This is the main login for our students. If they login to this website they have access to all the apps we use at school. In first grade we primarily use Reflex Math, Dreambox (Math), and Raz-Kids (Reading). You may have your child use these websites upon request of their teacher or by their own interest.

    reflex math

    Reflex Math - This math website helps to build your child's math fluency skills. They will be challenged to learn the different math facts quickly so they can advance and build their knowledge of basic math facts. Make sure they reach the GREEN light in each session. That means they have mastered a new math fact! 


    Dreambox - This is another option for math learning that your child will love! This program helps your child at their level and helps them think for themselves, while making it fun!


    Raz-kids - This is an engaging online reading program your child can use to read at their level. Your child's teacher will assign them to their independent reading level where they feel comfortable reading. They can earn incentive stars and add to their Raz-rocket room while practicing valuable reading skills. You can log Raz-kids reading time on your monthly reading log!