Digital Citizenship

Common Sense Education
  • LCPS Approach to Digital Citizenship

    In Loudoun County Public Schools we recognize the importance of teaching our students to be safe, secure, and responsible when using technology for learning or for fun. We believe that with parents and guardians as our partners, we can help our students to gain skills, understandings, and dispositions that will enable them to be responsible and safe in these digital environments.

    Students in K-12 are provided with direct instruction on these topics. The Common Sense Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence details the topics and student mastery expectations.


    What can parents do?

    • Talk to your child about being safe, secure, and responsible online
    • Ask your child about the lessons and activities occurring in their classrooms
    • Set boundaries for your child’s online use
    • Remind your child that they can inform trusted adults if problems occur

    What can students do?

    • Think about all that you know about digital citizenship
    • Practice what you’ve learned when you are online
    • Tell an adult if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable
    • Remind your friends to be safe and secure online
Last Modified on January 12, 2023