Digital Footprint

  • What is a digital footprint?

    “For good or bad, everything our kids do online creates digital footprints that migrate and persist. Kids share work with others and, as they get older, receive comments and feedback. This culture of sharing is beneficial in many ways. But if kids aren’t careful, their reputations can be harmed, or their information used in ways they never intended. For example, your child may think he or she just sent something to a friend, but that friend can send it to a friend’s friend, who can send it to their friends’ friends, and so on. Or they may innocently fill out an online form without understanding that this may make them vulnerable to identity theft. And their online behavior will likely be tracked without them knowing by the industry, which has little incentive to be responsible.” -- Common Sense Media


    How does LCPS help my student to create a positive digital footprint?

    LCPS provides direct instruction for students on the issue.  Students in elementary, middle, and high school are engaged in learning about the longevity of life online and how to maintain a positive digital footprint.

    What can parents do at home?

    Ongoing communication with students is the best way to help them develop the knowledge and skills to be engaged digital citizens.

    “By guiding your students to self-reflect before they self-reveal, you can help them learn to consciously manage their own privacy online, as well as respect the privacy of others. If students aren’t careful about what, how, and to whom they disclose information online, it may be used or interpreted in ways they never intended. Help them understand the public and permanent nature of the Internet so they can begin to build a positive digital presence.”
    - Common Sense Media

Last Modified on March 3, 2022