• Enterprise Support and Analytics

  • This team is responsible for developing and delivering training related to enterprise systems to advance the goal of accurate, timely and useful data, deliver data models through data visualization techniques; integrating data with systems; ensuring data flows are continually reviewed and updated as needed; and providing data analysis solutions.  This team works primarily with the Student Information System, enterprise electronic forms, parent and student portals, and teacher gradebooks. This team is responsible for state and federal reporting and manages data exchange and interface schedules, working to provide seamless implementation, accurate and useful information, and avoiding redundancy with other applications.

Who is Enterprise Support and Analytics?

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  • Support and Training

    This team supports 10,000 staff and nearly 200,000 students and parents in the use of a variety of systems that enhance student learning and parent and community engagement with LCPS.  Applications include Phoenix SIS, Phoenix Grade Book, ParentVUE, StudentVUE, Online Pre-Registration, Permission Click, LCPS web pages, and Microsoft Excel.

  • Data Analytics

    This team uses a variety of tools to extract, analyze, and present data for stakeholders.  This information is used for budgeting, staffing, and programming decisions throughout LCPS.

Data Analytics
  • State Reporting

    This team closely follows VDOE regulations to ensure LCPS student and staff data are reported in an accurate and timeline matter.  Each year the reporting requirements are updated this team must also update audits, reports, and processes to ensure data quality.  The major reports the team submits throughout the year include the Student Record Collection, Master Schedule Collection, Discipline Crime and Violence Report, Career and Technical Education Credential Collection.  For more information on these data collections, please visit the VDOE's webiste at http://www.doe.virginia.gov/info_management/data_collection/index.shtml.

Last Modified on August 8, 2023