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    Virginia Department of Education Mission Statement
    The mission of Virginia's public education system is to educate students in the fundamental knowledge and academic subjects that they need to become capable, responsible, and self-reliant citizens.  Therefore, the mission of the Virginia Board of Education and the superintendent of public instruction, in cooperation with local school boards, are to increase student learning and academic achievement. 

    Virginia Department of Education Vision

    The vision of the Board of Education and Superintendent of Public Instruction, in cooperation with their partners, is to create an excellent statewide system of public education that derives strength from our diversity and that ensures equality of opportunity for each student in a safe and healthy learning environment that prepares all students to be capable, responsible, and self-reliant citizens in the global society.

    Loudoun County Mission Statement 
    Empowering all students to make a meaningful contributions to the world.

    Loudoun County Philosophy Statement

    The Loudoun County Public Schools are places where students receive a quality education in an environment which promotes individual growth and initiative. The staff works with the family and the community to foster students' intellectual, physical, social, moral, and ethical development consistent with the needs of productive citizens. A central element in this mission is to prepare students to live full and useful lives and to work confidently and cooperatively through democratic institutions to improve the quality of life for all people by:


    1. Sustaining a school climate where academic achievement is valued, acknowledged, and advanced by the staff and parents and pursued with vigor by the students;
    2. Creating a school climate which promotes strong positive self-concepts and generates interventions to ensure the continued personal growth of each student;
    3. Securing a well qualified school staff whose role, central to the education of the children, is recognized and respected, and whose productive service will be acknowledged through continued support, fair compensation, and appreciation;
    4. Teaching a curriculum of comprehensive studies in the elementary schools with increasing differentiation occurring in the middle and high schools to accommodate diverse personal and vocational interests;
    5. Maintaining a physical and social environment which is conducive to the learning process;
    6. Ensuring that the learning environment is one which gives students ample opportunity to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills;
    7. Recognizing the differing needs and interests of individual students and providing appropriate topics of study and instructional activities which will enhance and stimulate each student’s growth and development;
    8. Instilling in each student those common values necessary for living and working together as responsible citizens in a democratic society; and
    9. Fostering a broader understanding and appreciation of the school system in the
    Belmont Ridge Middle School Mission Statement 
    The Belmont Ridge Middle School Counseling Department strives to ensure the future success of all students by providing an equitable and engaging educational environment. Student goal setting and achievement is strengthened through empowerment and motivation towards personal and academic goals. Our diverse population of students engage in a collaborative learning environment, which emboldens them to be prosperous students, responsible citizens and productive workers. This is accomplished by working with parents, faculty, staff, administration, and outside partnerships to provide all students with a comprehensive counseling program that supports each student's academic, career, and social/emotional development, awareness, individuality and integrity.

    Belmont Ridge Faculty and Staff Believe...

    A safe and nurturing environment contributes to success.  A culture that values diversity focuses on high positive expectations for everyone.  Enthusiasm and passion about work contribute to engagement.  Problem solving, risk taking and creative thinking enrich the learning experience.  Relationships that encourage responsibility and respect create a positive school climate.


    Belmont Ridge Middle School Counseling Vision Statement    

    The Belmont Ridge School Counseling Department is committed to the positive growth and development of our students.  We provide programs to educate our students in academic development and positive peer relationships. We advocate for equitable treatment of all students through the delivery of an effective, efficient and comprehensive school counseling program.  Our program is student-centered, wholistic, developmental, data-driven and preventative.  Our counseling team works with administrators, students, families, and all other stakeholders when planning and implementing our program.  We strive to encourage each student to contribute positively to society and become productive life-long learners.


    The Belmont Ridge Middle School Counseling Program:

    • Is staffed by counselors who advocate for equitable treatment for all students
    • Is child centered, comprehensive, developmental, and preventative
    • Is future-focused with a plan for each student to determine their own individual strengths, which will support their success in high school, post-secondary, and occupational endeavors in our global society.
    • Is designed in accordance with the standards of Loudoun County Public Schools, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the American School Counselor Association National Model
    • Is continually evaluated by data to determine the needs of the current population and is adjusted accordingly based on data outcomes.


    All school counselors at Belmont Ridge Middle School will:

    • Abide by the ethical codes and standards set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the American School Counselor Association
    • Participate in professional development activities to remain current on new and relevant practices as well as retaining licensure through the Commonwealth of Virginia
    • Evaluate student outcome data, which will then inform the planning and execution of the counseling program
    • Serve as the students’ advocate
    • Respect individual student differences and counsel them accordingly
    • Work with students, families, faculty, staff, administration, business partners, school clusters and the community when planning and implementing programs
    Belmont Ridge Middle School Counseling Philosophy Statement 
    Belmont Ridge School Counselors are committed to the positive growth and development of our students.  We provide programs to educate our students in academic development and peer relationships, as well as recognize and eliminate barriers that impact and affect a student's ability to learn or function within the school environment. Our counselors advocate for equitable treatment for all students. Our program is child-centered, comprehensive, developmental, data-driven and preventative. Our counseling team works with students, families, faculty, staff, administration, business partners, school clusters and the community when planning and implementing our program.  We strive to enable each of our students to become life-long learners and positive society contributors. 

    Counseling Groups at Belmont Ridge 
    Throughout the school year, counselors may run small groups based on the needs of the grade level. Groups that have been offered in the past are study skills, social skills (how to be a friend), girls groups, boys groups, anger management, and organization. Small groups meet once a week during resource classes or lunch for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. Parent permission is required for all groups.

    Classroom Lessons 
    Grade level counselors have the pleasure of visiting resource classes and leading discussions or teaching lessons on specific topics. Topics vary depending on the needs of the students.  In all grades, our students address bullying, harassment and cyberbullying. Seventh and eighth grade counselors work with students on academic planning.
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