STM Unified Mental Health Team

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    School Counselors: Fatima Haris, Supriya Thomare, Kristina Perez, & Gina Sedor

    • Delivers the school counseling core curriculum that promotes positive personal/social/emotion development and brings awareness to mental health concerns
    • Provides responsive services (ie: individual counseling, crisis counseling, group counseling)
    • Promotes students' academic, career, and social/emotional development 


    School Social Worker: Shelby Hoover

    • Provides mental health support and is the link between the school, student, family, & community.k
    • Provides community resources
    • Individual and group counseling for social/emotional needs


    School Psychologist: Sandy Salguero

    • Provide behavioral and mental health support
    • Individual and group counseling for social/emotional needs 
    • Consults with teachers, parents, counselors,  and other staff to support the mental health needs of the school
    • Collaborates on Child Study meetings and conducts evaluations for students that are going through the educational testing process for special education 


    Student Assistance Specialist: Gregory Adams  

    • Works with at-risk students and those with substance use and/or mental health concerns
    • Delivers substance abuse, alcohol and mental health presentations to the students, staff, and parents
    • Conducts assessments and referrals 
    • Indiviudal and group support/counseling related to substance abuse concerns 



    School Nurse: Janette Siebs

    • Provides care for acute medical concerns and manage care for chronic conditions at school
    • Communicates with parents on mental health concerns
    • Refers students to the school counselor when mental health concerns are raised


    Administrator: Juliet Finnegan 

    • Provides leadership and support to entire school community by attending monthly UMHT meetings and actively participating
Last Modified on February 3, 2021