• Photography 2 Full Year (studio & lab) - This class has been embedded into Art 3

    Materials needed for this course:

    ∞ Students must own an SLR or DSLR camera to participate in Photography 2
    ∞ (1) 1” Binder w/ 5 tab dividers.
    ∞ (1) Ream of college ruled paper for notes
    ∞ (1) packet of top loading sheet protectors
    ∞ (4) #2 Pencils
    ∞ Eraser
    ∞ 16 Gigabyte Flash Drive 
    Students are responsible for having these materials with them in class each day.

    Camera Requirements:

    SLR Film Camera:

    The student has an interest in exploring darkroom and black/white photography further to develop a personal style.

    Recommend Canon AE-1 or Nikon FM cameras, the purchase should not exceed $100.

    SLR camera must have at least 18mm - 55mm lens

    Working, internal light meter

    New camera battery installed

    Carrying or form-fitted case

    Attached camera strap


    DSLR Camera:

    The student has an interest in exploring color space, timing, motion to further develop a personal style.

    Recommend Canon T7i or Nikon 3400/3500 with camera bag, 16 gigs + SD card, camera battery, camera battery charger, and personal SD card reader.


    Standard DSLR kit lens 18mm - 55mm will work for the student. Normally this lens comes standard with Nikon or Canon DSLR camera purchases.