• Photography 2 Full Year (studio & lab) - This class has been embedded into Art 3

    Materials needed for this course:


    Students who own a SLR or DSLR camera, may use the camera for the class and are responsible for all developing and printing of materials for this class.

    ∞ Cell phone with camera is required for this class. 
    ∞ (1) Notebook
    ∞ (1) set of pencils or pens
    ∞ 16 Gigabyte Flash Drive 
    Students are responsible for having these materials with them in class each day.

    Camera Requirements

    SLR Film Camera:

    While in distance learning, those students wishing to use and shoot with an SLR camera will be responsible for purchasing and developing their own film. Once we move to hybrid or 100% in-person learning students may explore the darkroom and black/white photography further to develop a personal style.

    Recommend Canon AE-1 or Nikon FM cameras, the purchase should not exceed $100.

    SLR camera must have at least 18mm - 55mm lens

    Working, internal light meter

    New camera battery installed

    Carrying or form-fitted case

    Attached camera strap


    DSLR Camera:

    The student has an interest in exploring color space, timing, motion to further develop a personal style.

    Recommend Canon T7i or Nikon 3400/3500 with camera bag, 16 gigs + SD card, camera battery, camera battery charger, and personal SD card reader.


    Standard DSLR kit lens 18mm - 55mm will work for the student. Normally this lens comes standard with Nikon or Canon DSLR camera purchases.