• Expunging High School Credited Courses

    Expunge Letter 2018-2019

    (click link above for copy of the expunge letter)

    If students took a high school credit course (ie World Language, Algebra ,Geometry, Algebra 2/Trig and/or Robotics), they will have the option to expunge the course from their academic course history. If students expunge the grade, it will be removed from their transcript, and it will be as if students have never taken the course!

    A grade lower than a B would result in less than a 3.0 GPA. We typically suggest students who receive a B- or lower to consider expunging as these grades would impact high school transcripts/GPA and show that mastery was not achieved in this course. More importantly if a student does not feel confident in the material that they have learned throughout the school year, they might benefit from repeating the course again.

    If students expunge a Math course they will have to repeat the course. If students expunge a Foreign Language they have the options to repeat or possibly pursue a different language or elective. 

    Students only have the option to expunge in middle school. If a student receives a final grade of “F” it will automatically be expunged.

    Please be advised that this decision is irreversible and must be made prior to enrollment in high school. For current 8th graders, the expungement form should be returned to their high school counseling office by August 15th




Last Modified on June 4, 2019