• AP Biology Summer Assignment 


    WelcomtAP biology. Our class is intense, with a loomaterial that needs to be covered in a relatively short amount of time. Please be awarthat parotaking this class is commitment to being otimeotask, and occasionally learning content on your own. We look forward to working witeacone of you next year!


    We knothe words “summeassignment” tends to senchills down any high school student’s spine, but this assignment will be beneficial to you as we starthe school year. The reason we are giving you a summer assignment itkeep your mind sharp so yoarreadto hit the ground running! 


    Summer Assignment: Directions and Approved Book List


    • Part A: Read ONE book from the book list or a choice of your own which is approved by Ms. Koujak and Mrs. Poniatowski.
    • Part B: Write a review for the book, prepared and printed out for the first day of class. Follow the general outline below. Also, the length is generally more than two pages and less than seven.
    • Part C: Watch one science, technology, or medicine documentary during the summer. Netflix, amazon prime, or my favorite free website topdocumentaryfilms.com has a HUGE list of documentaries to choose from. Pick one in your interest area. Watch it. Be prepared to talk about it on the first day of school. Our conversation the first day of school will take the form of a carousel and book club format. Be prepared!