Wind Ensemble


    2019-2020 Personnel - Full


    • Concert Band 2 (274000): Students in this class expand their knowledge and skills of instrumental techniques, tone production, musical interpretation, and ensemble/solo performance to an advanced level.  Performance ensemble II is a performance-oriented class, and students are active in numerous concerts and events.  As a co-curricular ensemble, performances and rehearsals outside regular school hours are required.  (As stated in the LCPS program studies).
    • Wind Ensemble is an audition only ensemble.  Auditions take place around March-May.   



    • Working instrument 
    • Pencil 
    • Foundations for Supeior Performance 
    • Single Reeds: reed case with at least 4 reeds at all times
    • Double Reeds: reed case with at least 3 reeds at all times
    • Trumpets: BERP and straight mute
    • Horn and Low Brass: BERP 
    • Percussion: mallet bag, IP Lalo Davila drum sticks, 2 pairs of matching yarn mallets, 2 pairs of matching bell/xylo mallets (plastic), drum pad 
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