• Core 4

    The Core Four of Personalized Learning


    The mission of Loudoun County Public Schools is to empower all students to make meaningful contributions to the world. 


    Personalized Learning is dynamically tailoring learning experiences to students’ strengths, needs and/or interests. A PL approach supports PBL and One to the World by encouraging the following:

    (1) Access to significant content for students who may have learning gaps
    (2) Challenges for students who have shown basic mastery
    (3) Relevance for all students as their interests help shape the direction of “meaningful contributions to the world.”

    The outcome of learning in LCPS is students who are knowledgeable critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators, creators and contributors.  These traits allow students to make meaningful contributions to the world. 
    Click here for more information about Personalized Learning at LCPS. 

    FC As students grow up in a world awash in information, classrooms must give them the opportunity to learn from a variety of sources.  Students will be exposed to a combination of textbooks, online content, and teacher-created activities based on student learning needs.  Students will also be offered new platforms for collaboration and demonstration of knowledge.
    In short, learning materials will be flexible - alllowing for a differentiated learning path, pace and/or performance tasks.




    TI Teachers identify your student's specific needs and then provide instruction and practice to address those needs.  Teachers might use small group settings, 1-1 conferencing, and targeted content to create a learning environment where all individual needs can be met.

    Targeted instruction means your child will receive just the right content and practice at just the right time.





    e Your student will have frequent opportunities to reflect on what he/she is learning and his/her success.  Your child will set goals to improve his/her learning outcomes and have opportunities to make authentic learning choices.  These choices might range from learning pace to the type of product to produce to show what they have learned.  The goal is for your student to have authentic choices and ownership over their learning so they leave our classrooms prepared to grow and thrive personally and professionally.





    ddd Your child’s teachers use data to inform instructional decisions from what content to deliver, how, when, and in what instructional setting. This data will be collected in a variety of ways and a variety of frequency. Your student will have opportunities to explore his/her own data to make informed learning decisions. This decision-making will be scaffolded in an age-appropriate way to meet the needs of your child.

Last Modified on October 6, 2020