• SNHS Officer Application Teacher Recommendation


    Chapter officers shall fulfill the following duties:

    1. The president must prepare the agenda for all the meetings and confirm it with the advisor(s) one week prior to the meeting (with the exception of the emergency meetings). She must represent the chapter at school and public functions, meet regularly with the chapter advisor(s) to discuss the progress of ongoing projects, coordinate the major science project(s) of the year (with the help of a specific, selected team), research and deliver or coordinate one scientific lecture (10 minutes in duration) during a regular meeting, write and deliver a speech on Goals and Achievements of the SNHS during induction ceremonies, and update the Science National Honor Society course on Moodle.
    2. The vice president shall preside in the absence of the president and assist the president in maintaining order at chapter meetings. The vice-president shall also keep a record of members’ contributions to scientific leadership and service acting as a coordinator of the activities related with speakers, specific competition projects, field trips, etc. The vice-president will act as a sort of logistic coordinator with the school’s Student Life Office and will be in charge of itinerary, transportation, etc. for SNHS projects and/or activities, plan and preside at the induction ceremony, research and deliver or coordinate at least one scientific lecture (10 minutes in duration) during a regular meeting, and serve as president if the president is removed from office or resigns.
    3. The secretary should keep accurate and complete minutes of all general and executive meetings, keep accurate and complete attendance records of all the meetings, keep a proper file of all incoming and outgoing correspondence, assist the chapter advisor(s) with all official correspondence, prepare any chapter report, research and deliver or coordinate a scientific lecture ( 10 minutes in duration) during a regular meeting, work with the vice-president to help in the coordination of all the community service activities, keep a record of the service hours completed by the members and report deficiencies to the chapter advisor, keep updated rosters of all current chapter members including addresses, cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses and  keep and update calendars of all chapter events for the school year. The secretary shall prepare any announcements (paper, board, LTV, etc.) that concerns full chapter meetings or chapter activities, record activities of the chapter through photographs, videos, etc. and provide the information/material to the president in order to update the chapter’s webpage.
    4. The Treasurer shall keep the record of chapter expenses, dues and all other financial transactions of the chapter. She should chair and create/prepare different fund raising activities for the chapter, organize different fundraising committees, assist the chapter advisor(s) in preparing a statement of estimated receipts and expenditures for the school year, report on the financial status of the chapter at each SNHS meeting, and research and deliver or coordinate a scientific lecture (10 minutes in duration) during a regular meeting.

    Every officer should maintain a record of actions taken during her tenure to be passed on to the respective officer elected for the next school year.

Last Modified on April 29, 2019