• Student Enrollment Projections

    Loudoun County Public Schools Division of Planning Services annually forecasts student enrollment.  The enrollment projections are utilized for a variety of planning and decision-making functions, among which operational and capital budgeting needs are most essential.

    Projections are an informed and educated estimate of future student enrollment.  Forecast accuracy generally diminishes as the geographic area becomes smaller and the planning horizon becomes more distant.  Countywide forecasts have and will be more accurate than school-level forecasts as the student population being projected is much larger. This phenomenon is common to all forecasting methodologies and is expected.  

    September 30 Enrollment - Historic and Projected


    LCPS Enrollment Projection Process Review

    In 2019, the Division of Planning Services contracted with Statistical Forecasting, LLC to audit LCPS' student enrollment projection methodology.  Assessment of LCPS processes and practices included data sources (e.g., housing pipeline, birth data) and overall methods (e.g., cohort survival, linear regression) for projecting student enrollment.  Statistical Forecasting was asked to provide a thorough evaluation of the methodology currently employed by LCPS, to identify strengths and weaknesses.

    Statistical Forecasting: A Review of the LCPS Enrollment Projection Process - August 2019 

    Statistical Forecasting: September 10, 2019 Presentation to the School Board


    LCPS Enrollment Projection Methodology - September 13, 2016


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