• Belmont Ridge Middle School Science Department
    Charles Kelly, Subject Area Lead Teacher



    • Continue to exceed 90% pass rate for Middle School Science SOL
    • To provide a meaningful watershed experience
    • To continue to enhance science knowledge through hands-on and inquiry-based experiences, labs, and activities as related to real world application
    • To instill excellent student safety habits in and out of the classroom


    • Virginia Middle School Science SOL Test - 8th grade (end of the school year)

    SOL support programs:

    • Early morning SOL review sessions for 8th Grade - 2nd Semester
    • Use of Resource time for student learning needs
    • Reviews in class throughout the school year

    Additional information for Science:

    • Applications for Academy of Science (AOS) and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology available at LCPS schools and websites.



    The 2016-2017 Science Department staff:
    Grade 6:  
    Grade 7:
    Charles Kelly          
    Grade 8:
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