PTA Exec at Bingo Night
  • PTA Executive Board Positions and Descriptions:



    • Oversee and manage the PTA organization for Liberty Elementary School.
    • Preside at all meetings of the Liberty PTA.
    • Be the primary voice for the PTA, including speaking at PTA and school events and responding to inquiries from the school administration, school district, community, and media, as needed.
    • Coordinate the work of the officers and committees of this local PTA/PTSA in order that the purposes may be promoted.
    • Sign contracts and checks on behalf of the PTA, as needed.
    • Identify chairpersons and PTA representatives for all PTA events and fundraisers.
    • Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees, except the nominating and financial reconciliation committee.


    • Responsible for proper banking and management of PTA funds, including writing all checks needed.
    • In summer, ensure Treasurer, President, and a third Executive Board member have signature cards on file with bank.
    • At September Board and General meetings, present written Financial Review/Audit report (prepared over previous summer) to Executive Board and General membership.
    • Responsible for the management of all PTA insurance matters.
    • Responsible for the management of all PTA tax matters.
    • Charged with reviewing and developing the next year’s PTA budget with the Executive Board over the summer.
    • Attend and present written financial/budget report at all monthly Executive Board and General PTA meetings, explaining variances.
    • Reconcile bank statements once a month.
    • Close the financial books and records by July 31th and submit to Auditors Committee, which will perform work over the summer and write up results for presentation in September.
    • Preserve all vouchers, receipts, bank statements, cancelled checks and other records for 7 years.

    Vice President of Events and Committees:

    • Act as PTA point person for all PTA-sponsored school events.
    • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to designate a chairperson for each event.
    • Oversee activities of individual event chairs, ensure they have the resources needed and are communicating event information to the membership.
    • Review current events and evaluate new opportunities and proposals.
    • Act as the liaison between the Board and event chairpersons.
    • Ensure chairs complete program recaps and file them in the PTA files.
    • Attend monthly Executive Board and General PTA meetings.

    Vice President of Volunteers:

    • Over the summer, work with the Executive Board to update the Volunteer Interest Form. Include the Form in the First Day Packets to solicit parent volunteers for events, programs, activities, and tasks.
    • Enter volunteer information from Volunteer Interest Forms into a database or spreadsheet.
    • Using the Form, provide the Executive Board with the names and contact info of parent volunteers in advance of all upcoming events, programs, projects, committees, etc.
    • Throughout the year, continue to recruit volunteers for Events, Programs, Outreach, Fundraising, and other committees and projects as needed to fill volunteer needs.
    • Attend monthly Executive Board and General PTA meetings.

    Vice President of Fundraising:

    • Design a program of fundraising for the year to achieve the PTA’s annual budgeted income, giving consideration to offering fundraising activities and events that will involve the Liberty community at a variety of levels of engagement.
    • Solicit partnerships with family-friendly businesses and apply for grants to bring resources to PTA.
    • Evaluate fundraising solicitations and proposals from the membership and the outside community.
    • Attend monthly Executive Board and General PTA meetings; report to Board on upcoming plans for Fundraising activities and on just-completed tasks.

    Recording Secretary:

    • Attend and take notes at all Executive Board and General PTA meetings, which shall include motions and results and any action items from the meeting.
    • At Executive Board meetings, present the meeting minutes from the previous month to the Board for amendment and final approval.
    • At General Membership meetings, present the meeting minutes from the previous month to the General Membership for amendment and final approval.
    • Maintain a Minutes Notebook containing minutes from the General and Executive Board meetings from the previous two years.
    • Upload the minutes to the two Blackboard locations on the Liberty website.
    • Attend monthly Executive Board and General PTA meetings.

    Corresponding Secretary:

    • Help coordinate efforts of the PTA, Administration, and Staff in various ways.
    • Act as an aide to the president and vice presidents, especially in terms of logistics.
    • Assist with correspondence to the general community.
    • Perform other delegated duties as assigned.
    • Attend monthly Executive Board and General PTA meetings.