•   Spring



    Driving Question: How can we, as gardeners, inform our community about the needs of plants in spring?


    Student Voice and Choice:

    -We will get to choose what to put in the brochure.

    -We will get to choose research groups and how/what to research.



    Science 1.4 - The student will investigate and understand that plants have basic life needs and functional parts and can be classified according to certain characteristics.

    1. Plants need nutrients, air, water, /
    2. Basic Parts of a plant
    3. Plants can be classified based on a variety of characteristics.


    Science 1.6 - The student will investigate and understand the basic relationships between the sun and Earth.

    1. The sun is the source of energy and light that warms the land, air, and water.
    2. The sun’s relative position in the morning is east and in the late afternoon in west.


    Language Arts 1.13b- Focus on one topic.

    Sustained Inquiry:

    -Having a expert florist come in to talk about plants/flowers.

    -Having Home Depot experts ask us to help with this and being available for questions/ feedback.

    -We will get to research about plant needs and how to keep them alive.

    -Knowing that our brochures will be put up at a local nursery.


    -We are going to help consumers to understand the needs of plants and how to create an environment for them to grow and service.

    Critique and Revise:

    -We will give and receive feedback about our research.

    -We are going to do a gallery walk with our brochure drafts to make them GREAT!


    -We will think about how we collaborated with our group and how we can be an even better group member!

    -We will reflect on what we would do if we were planting flowers/plants.

    -We will reflect on our research status.

    Public Product

    -We give our brochures to Meadows Farms for them to display in their gardening section to inform consumers about plant needs and how to create an environment for their plants to grow and survive.


    Spring Rubric