• Bright Bytes Survey
    Our school will be partnering with Bright Bytes, an educational software company, so that we can learn more about our school’s technology use for student learning. Our goal is to gather metrics on technology access and skills, and on our school’s technology environment, in order to understand the connection between technology use and student achievement. This will be done through a comprehensive framework called CASE that looks at the Classroom factors, Access to technology, teacher and student Skills and Environmental factors.
    To gain these insights, we must provide Bright Bytes with a complete picture of technology use at school and at home. We will be asking students, teachers, and parents to participate in the project to participate in this research. Your participation is important to us and will make the difference between having a complete versus a limited understanding of our school’s technology use. Please take a few moments to complete this survey. Due date: April 12th.   
    Thank you!