• The LCPS Student Maker Showcase at the Academies of Loudoun directly addresses the LCPS mission.


    Empowering all students to make meaningful contributions to the world.


    Students will actively showcase their development in becoming knowledgeable critical thinkers, collaborators, communicators, creators, and contributors.

    The Maker Showcase has powerful connections to content area standards.


    CTE - Develop self-representation skills, develop appropriate speaking and listening skills, demonstrate leadership skills through participation in student organization activities, develop a portfolio.


    Computer Math Goals:

    As students develop and refine skills in logic, organization, and precise expression, they will apply those skills to enhance learning in all disciplines.


    Science Goals:

    The purposes of scientific investigation and discovery are to satisfy humankind’s quest for knowledge and understanding and to preserve and enhance the quality of the human experience. Therefore, as a result of science instruction, students will be able to achieve the following objectives:

    1. Develop and use an experimental design in scientific inquiry.
    2. Use the language of science to communicate understanding.
    3. Investigate phenomena using technology.
    4. Apply scientific concepts, skills, and processes to everyday experiences.
    5. Experience the richness and excitement of scientific discovery of the natural world through the collaborative quest for knowledge and understanding.
    6. Make informed decisions regarding contemporary issues.
    7. Develop scientific dispositions and habits of mind including: curiosity; patience and persistence.
    8. Develop an understanding of the interrelationship of science with technology, engineering and mathematics.
    9. Explore science-related careers and interests.


    AASL – Create, Share, Grow