• Love Our Arts Campain


    The PTSA is supporting the FHS "Love Our Arts" fundraising campaign throughout
    the month of
    February to purchase bulletin boards for the Freedom Fine Arts Department.
    The bulletin boards will be
    permanent installations used to showcase the stunning artwork
    the students create. Each bulletin board costs
    approximately $200 and the art department
    needs 25 bulletin boards to display the talents of our students and to allow the space
    necessary to host the an
    nual Arts Festival at Freedom.

    This annual community Freedom Fine Arts Festival exhibits art from all schools in the
    Freedom Cluster.
    Students at Little River, Liberty, Hutchinson Farm, Cardinal Ridge,
    J. Michael Lunsford, and Freedom exhibit
    their work at the festival. This event allows the
    entire community an opportunity to come together to
    celebrate Music and Art.
    Community members listen to performances from the music and drama groups as

    well arts and crafts activities for the attendees.

     With a donation equal to at least $200, the cost of 1 bulletin board, the supporting family
    or business will receive permanent recognition of their donation on a plaque
    that will
    accompany the bulletin boards at Freedom, as well as acknowledgment of the donation
    on our
    website and social media feeds.

    Payments may be made via check or Paypal  Checks should be made payable to
    Freedom PTSA and can be delivered or mailed to the following address:

    Freedom High School
    Attn: PTSA Bulletin
    25450 Riding Center Drive
    South Riding, VA 20152

    To make a payment through Paypal, click here:

    "Love Our Arts" Donation"

    Thanks in advance for your support!