• Hi Fourth graders!   

    Please click on the links below to listen to and sing along with your Virginia show songs.  Your performance is currently scheduled for Thursday, February 27, 2020.  We will perform for the school during the day, and for family in the evening.  Please practice and memorize your songs at home so you are ready for rehearsals the week of the show.



    Five Regions of VA Rap Lyrics

    *note lyric change (sing the written words below, not the words in the recording) for the following verse:


    "Last but not least, the Appalachian Plateau.


    The Appalachian Plateau is elevated and flat.

    *The coal industry put this region on the map.

    The mountainous land is thick with trees.

    This very small region is sure to please!"




    Virginia, Virginia Lyrics


    ***You will also be playing Hot Cross Buns on your recorder.  We will continue to practice this song in music class until your performance, no need to practice this song at home.***

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