• Instructional Facilitator Program 

    Courtney Williams, Supervisor






    The Instructional Facilitator Program in Loudoun County Public Schools supports teachers and teams in all elementary, middle, and high schools to enhance teacher practice and student learning. Our program model is based on the instructional coaching research of Joellen Killion, Jim Knight, and other coaching experts.


    Jim Knight (2016), defines the purpose as, "Instructional coaches partner with teachers to analyze current reality, set goals, identify and explain teaching strategies to hit goals, and provide support until the goals are met." 


    The Instructional Facilitators use the knowledge they have gained in professional development throughout the year.  Specifically, they use skills learned in the following professional development:  Adaptive Schools Seminars, Cognitive Coaching Seminars®, and Fierce Conversations®. 


  • Instructional Facilitator Action Model

    Instructional Facilitator Action Model

       Instructional Facilitators work with teams and individual teachers to:

          Build Relationships and Trust
          Identify Current Practices

          Set Goals

          Gather Resources

          Drive Instruction

          Reflect Intentionally

  • Roles of the Instructional Facilitator

    Roles of the Instructional Facilitator

       Collaborative Learning Teams

       Data Analysis

       Curriculum and Content

       Instructional Practices

       Instructional Resources

       Professional Development

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