• Safety and Security on the Chromebooks

  • To ensure that these new collaboration tools are safe and secure, LCPS monitors and evaluates all student content in Google and Office 365 in real-time via multiple systems. The county is utilizing a tool called Gaggle to monitor and evaluate all content that is created, viewed, or edited in Google Suite (Gmail included) and Office 365. If content is discovered that could be harmful to students, Gaggle will report those events in real-time.



  • LCPS has also begun implementing Data Loss Prevention (DLP). DLP will help LCPS ensure that confidential information is not lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users. DLP solutions scan emails and files searching for sensitive content. For example, DLP will be looking for personally identifiable information (PII) that students may try to share with people outside of LCPS. In the event the system detects that, it will then take action. Those actions are based on predefined rules and include sending the student/staff a notification and/or blocking the information from leaving our environment.


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  • Safety is always a concern when it comes to our students. While on campus, the students have access to a filtered wireless network (Wi-Fi). In addition to the school Wi-Fi, the internet traffic on student Chromebooks is always routed through the LCPS internet content filter no matter which Wi-Fi the device is connect to (even your home Wi-Fi). The purpose of this is to keep student information safe as third party companies often use personal information for profit.



Last Modified on January 23, 2019