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  • Vision for Elementary Literacy

    Elementary Literacy Vision, Values, and Beliefs

    To provide every student with high-quality, evidence-based literacy instruction necessary to become life-long readers, writers, and communicators, while maintaining our uncompromising dedication to deeper learning as outlined in the LCPS Profile of a Graduate.

    We Value...

    • Fostering the joy of reading and writing in each student;
    • Promoting strong reading achievement and measurable growth for all students;
    • Honoring the diverse cultural and linguistic experiences each student brings;
    • Personalizing literacy instruction supported by data-driven decisions; and
    • Providing ongoing professional development that builds capacity and consistency across our staff so that we remain current with research-based practices and ensure equitable literacy instruction for all our students.

    We Believe...

    • All students can and will learn to read when provided with appropriate support;
    • Families are partners in our students’ ongoing literacy development;
    • The five critical competencies–critical thinking, communicating, collaborating, contributing, and creating–should be nurtured in our students throughout their academic experiences. 
    • Oral language and communication skills play an important role in literacy development; and
    • Accessible materials that support cross-curricular learning should be integrated into the student learning experiences and reflect the diversity of our community.

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  • Parent & Family Resources

    The Reading League

    The Reading League works with school systems across the country to ensure all educators have the knowledge and skills they need to reach every student with reading instruction that works.

    • Under the Resources tab, parents will find resources (YouTube channels, recommended reading, podcasts, etc.) to strengthen their understanding of the Science of Reading and evidence-based instruction. 
    • The Virginia Reading League has specific state resources that provide additional information and learning.

    PALS Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening

    PALS Assessment

    Developed at the University of Virginia, this screening is given in school divisions across Virginia and the country. This link provides important resources for families to use at home.

    The Virginia Literacy Act

    The Virginia Literacy Act (VLA) passed by the Virginia General Assembly in 2022, and expanded in 2023, focuses on improving literacy outcomes for all students in the Commonwealth. The VLA requires that “each local school board shall provide a program of literacy instruction that is aligned with science-based reading research and provides evidenced-based literacy instruction to students in kindergarten through grade eight.” To support school divisions to comply with this requirement, the VLA requires the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to recommend instructional programs - including core, supplemental, and intervention materials - for approval by the Virginia Board of Education (VBOE).

    An overview can also be found on the Virginia Literacy Act one-pager.

    VALLS - Virginia Language and Literacy Screener 

    Virginia Literacy Partnerships at UVA, in partnership with the Virginia Department of Education, have developed an updated and more comprehensive early literacy screener.  Beginning in fall of 2024, this assessment will replace the current PALS assessment for all students in kindergarten through third grade in the state of Virginia.

    Information on the new screener can be found on the following document and webinar recording.

    Revisions to the Literacy Screener 

    Updates to the Virginia Early Literacy Screener webinar

    LCPS Assessment Services

    For additional information on the assessments given in LCPS, please visit the page for the Office of Assessment Services.

    Virginia Literacy Partnerships - Parent Resource Center

    Virginia Literacy Partnerships has developed a variety of resources for parents and families, including activities to support literacy development at home. 

    Resource Adoption

    As part of the Virginia Literacy Act, all school divisions in the state of Virginia are required to adopt and implement a state approved literacy curriculum.  Information on this process can be found on the following links - 

    LCPS Resource Adoption

    VDOE Curriculum Review Process

    The National Center on Improving Literacy (NCIL)

    NCIL is a partnership among literacy experts, university researchers, and technical assistance providers. Their Resource Repository can be filtered by the audience “parents & families” and topic to search for specific resources.

    Virginia Department of Education

    Literacy resources for families and communities are provided by the VDOE.

  • Summer Reading

    The links below will take you to recommended lists of suggested summer reading for students. These books were selected and recommended by student readers, teachers, and librarians. Each title is followed by a description of the book so that students and their parents can make informed choices about which books to read for pleasure this summer.  

    ILA Children's Choices Booklists

    Each year the International Literacy Association compiles lists of recently published books that children have enjoyed reading. This year's list is divided into three sections:
    • Beginning Readers, Grades K-2, Ages 5-8
    • Young Readers, Grades 3-4, Ages 8-10
    • Advanced Readers. Grades 5-6, Ages 10-12

    The American Library Association provides links to various book lists for children and young adults. Check them out!


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