• Belmont Ridge Middle School English/Language Arts Department
    Heidi Branch, Language Arts Subject Area Lead Teacher (SALT)


    Goals for English/Language Arts Department

    • Promote the love of independent reading and build reading stamina both in class and schoolwide
    • Improve comprehension of nonfiction via TeenBizPro, an Achieve 3000 program
    • Create a passion for writing during Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month)
    • Help students learn to revise and edit through our after-school Writing Center
    • Incorporate reading and writing workshops

    • Promote common writing expectations across all classes at Belmont
    • Support our teachers in professional development opportunities like the VATE, NCTE and NVWP Language & Learning conferences

    Digital Content and Resources

    • Achieve 3000
    • Google Classroom
    • Nanowrimo.org
    • Noredink.com
    • Membean
    • NY Times
    • Online subscription databases 


    Differentiated Instruction

    • Teach students to think at higher levels using Socratic seminars, writing prompts, class discussions, etc.
    • Offer challenging novels and vocabulary
    • Provide enrichment activities such as writing contests and the school spelling bee
    • Emphasize authentic writing for an authentic audience -- not writing for the teacher!


    8th grade teachers
    Margaret Stokes
    Jonathan Pitts
    Heidi Branch
    Lori Vosburgh
    Rebecca Newkirk
    7th grade teachers
    Nicole DiMario
    Maggie Hodges
    Maggie Mason
    Stephanie Dosik
    Rebecca Newkirk
    Margaret Stokes -- Communications
    Desiree Hall -- Accelerating Literacy
    6th grade teachers
    Melanie Muller
    Kathleen Cannon
    Sara Kauffman
    Katie Chiet
    Jason Hathaway
    Sara Interewicz
    Barbara Hughes
    Jennifer Raffenbeul
    Rebecca Brookover
    ELL teacher -- Christine Wyatt
    Reading specialist -- Desiree Hall
    Literacy Team
    Desiree Hall
    Nicole DiMario
    Heidi Branch



Last Modified on September 4, 2017