• Student recieve a packet for each unit.  E-copy available on Google Classroom.  Each packet contains a Notes section and Homework section. 

    Homework is assigned every night.  It is important to complete homework to pactice concepts taught in class for mastery.  Homework is checked daily for completion.  A Calendar/signoff sheet is on the front of their packet for reference.  A 90% homework completion average for the unit is required for retake eligibility(see Math Department Policy).  Homework packets are collected on test day!


    Geometry 2019-2020 Syllabus


    Quater 1:

    Unit 1-Points, Lines, and Planes

    Unit 2: Logic 

    Unit 3: Parallel Lines and Angles


    Quarter 2:

    Finish Unit 3-Parallel Lines

    Unit 4-Triangles-Sum Theorem and Properties

    Unit 5-Triangle Inequalities

    Unit 6-Similiar Triangles


    Quarter 3:

    Finish Unit 6: Similiar Triangles

    Unit 7: Right Triangles

    Unit 8: Polygons and Quadrilaterals

    Unit 9: Circles


    Quarter 4:

    Finish Unit 9: Circles

    Unit 10: Solids

    Review for SOL and Final exam