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    Human Resources and Talent Development Course Catalog

    Below is the course catalog for the Department of Human Resources and Talent Development. We seek to provide district employees with a variety of professional learning opportunities to build capacity within current roles and support future career growth. The catalog is organized within the following categories: Effective Hiring, Leadership Development, New Teachers, Performance Management and Respectful Workplace. Please contact HRTD directly at 571.252.2110 if you have questions regarding this catalog.

    Effective Hiring

    Hiring with Equity   Course Length: 3 hours

    This training, for administrators, looks at diversity and inclusion in the work place, specifically focusing on unconscious bias. Participants will learn about unconscious bias, cultural dimensions, and definitions of diversity and inclusion. The training will take concepts learned and how hiring managers can apply it to resume review techniques to help mitigate unconscious bias as well as best practices for interviewing.

    Hiring with Equity-Train-the-Trainer   Course Length: 3 hours

    This training is for administrators who previously participated in the Hiring with Equity training. The training will give them the tools to train staff that sit on interview panels to recognize and mitigate unconscious bias as well as resume review and interview best practice tips. Participants will receive the presentation, facilitator guide, and videos to prepare them to provide the training to their staff.

    Oracle iRecruitment Module   Course Length: 1.5 hours

    Oracle iRecruitment is the Applicant Tracking System utilized by LCPS. This training is for leaders who have hiring responsibilities for their school or department. Through this module, participants will learn how to request a position be posted in iRecruitment, locate and view applicants, schedule interviews, and record interview panels members.

    Recognizing Cautions in the Hiring Process   Course Length: 2 hours

    Every administrator's goal is to find highly-qualified candidates to join his/her team. Careful review of candidate applications, resumes, and cover letters can enable administrators to find qualified candidates to interview. Do you know the cautions to look for when reviewing applications, resumes, and cover letters? Do you know the cautions to look for when interviewing potential employees? Cautions are issues that may cause doubt about the candidate's qualification for the position. This interactive session will help administrators identify cautions to make better hiring decisions.

    Leadership Development  

    Arbinger: Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset   Course Length: 2 full day sessions

    As a leader, developing an outward mindset means that we can take into account our own impact on others instead of only relying on a typical inward mindset of focusing on our personal objectives. This training is an interactive, two-day course which will include videos, individual and group exercises, one-on-one sharing and application of the tools to on-the-job situations facing the team. This training will focus on providing strategies for team members in the following areas:

    • How to regularly assess the impact of their mindset and behaviors
    • How to work in collaborative, fulfilling, and effective ways
    • How to assess their performance and hold themselves accountable for their impact
    • How to positively influence others to change
    • How to leverage tools to tackle individual and team challenges and resolve conflicts

    Aspiring Principal Academy   Course Length: 6 full day sessions

    Assistant Principals who are interested in increasing their professional leadership capacity may apply to join the Lead Loudoun Aspiring Principals’ Academy after two successful years of service as an assistant principal. This professional learning opportunity is centered on the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (2015). The program includes opportunities to participate in cross-departmental presentations, scenarios, simulations, school visits, lectures, leadership readings, reflections, discussions and principal shadow days. A comprehensive leadership project is also an expectation for completion of this academy.

    Building Instructional Leadership sessions for New Deans/New APs   Course Length: 4 three hour sessions throughout the year

    Our newest instructional leaders currently work with an outside consultant to build instructional leadership capacity. The learning focus will be on following areas: facilitating trust and collaboration, supporting high-functioning teams, giving descriptive feedback, observing for learning and navigating through change.

    Future Leaders Fall and Spring Seminar/Book Study   Course Length: 2 hour seminar sessions. Book study ongoing throughout the year.

    Instructional leaders who are enrolled in or have recently completed a program in Educational Leadership are invited to participate. These sessions provide an opportunity for LCPS networking and continued professional learning in the area of leadership.

    New Administrator Onboarding   Course Length: 2 full day sessions

    Newly hired LCPS administrators participate in a two-day onboarding opportunity. Sessions include opportunities for departmental presentations, teambuilding and networking with district leaders, evaluation procedures, policy review, i-recruitment and an opportunity to explore different types of instructional programming offered within LCPS.

    New Principal Cohort   Course Length: Sessions throughout the year for new principals

    New Principal Cohort provides a focused professional learning experience with topics of interest to new principals with overviews from different departments within LCPS. New principals are provided with professional learning and onboarding support so that they are familiar with all aspects of the school district and how departmental structures support the local school. New principals are also joined in this cohort by their principal mentors for selected meetings.

    Stand Alone Leadership Modules and Team/Departmental Seminars upon request:   Course Length: 1-2 hours

    Sample topics include:
    Conflict Resolution
    Emotional Intelligence
    Giving Effective Feedback
    Employee Engagement
    Four Business Styles
    Leadership that Gets Results
    Providing Parent Feedback
    The Four Tendencies (Forming Effective Leadership Habits) to include book study featuring author Gretchen Rubin

    Support Services Leadership Academy   Course Length: 4 half-day sessions

    Current Support Service team members are invited to join the Support Services Leadership Academy to gain professional knowledge in the areas of leadership concepts, communication, conflict-resolution, decision-making, customer service and cultural competency.

    New Teachers

    Beginning Teacher Institute   Course Length: 2 full days

    Each novice teacher begins their induction into the teaching profession with the Beginning Teacher Institute. During this two-day event, teachers participate in activities that reflect data collected from previous new teachers, mentors, administrators, and research on best practices of new teacher induction programs. All instructors are exemplary Loudoun County teachers and Lead Mentors who are paid to present. There is a focus on employee expectations, family engagement, building relationships with students and classroom management. There are also sessions that detail the Virginia Teacher Performance Standards and give examples of effective strategies for each. Novice teachers who are hired after the start of the school year are invited to participate in a Fall New Teacher Orientation.

    Best Practices for Best Elementary Teachers/Best Practices for Best Secondary Teachers   Course Length: 5 sessions at 1.5 hours each

    Learn simple procedures and skills to eliminate most classroom management problems, develop strategies for effective instruction, motivate students, and really enjoy teaching. Whether you are a seasoned teacher, or a novice, you will learn multiple tools for effective classroom management. Each session will highlight common areas of teacher concern and provide time proven solutions that may be
    immediately applied to any classroom situation to effectively improve management, quality of instruction, and student success.

    Instructional Coaching for Novice Teachers   Course Length: 4-5 sessions throughout the school year

    Each novice teacher is also supported by an instructional coach. Instructional coaches are assigned based on whether the novice teacher serves in a general education setting, special education setting or EL setting. Their primary responsibility is to provide individualized job-embedded professional learning via classroom observations, co-teaching, modeling, and co-planning sessions. Instructional coaches typically visit each novice teacher four to five times per year and offer timely non-evaluative feedback.

    Mentoring for Novice Teachers   Course Length: Ongoing throughout the school year

    New teachers are assigned an experienced teacher mentor to support them during their first year of teaching. All assigned mentors attend summer training and are selected via principal recommendation and online application. Mentors meet with their protégé for at least one hour each month outside the contractual day to provide ongoing support. New teachers are also supported by the lead mentor for each school. The lead mentor formally meets with protégés and mentors within the building once each quarter and provide ongoing support. The lead mentor serves as a liaison between school and HRTD.

    Mursion Simulation (Classroom Management or Parent Conference) upon request   Course Length: 2 hours

    A virtual reality simulation session to promote classroom management or parent conference skills in a safe, non-threatening environment.

    New Teacher Seminars   Course Length: 2 hours

    First and second year teachers are invited to three new teacher seminars per year which typically focus on topics that are relevant to new teachers such as building positive relationships with students, classroom management or presentations from content and program experts.

    Performance Management  

    Evaluation Overview for Administrators   Course Length: 2 hours

    This session is for administrative employees who supervise and complete an evaluation on one or more employees. This session will provide a general overview of all three evaluation types; licensed, classified, and administration. The session will review timelines and procedures as well as a refresher on how to use our online system.

    Classified Evaluation Documentation   Course Length: 2 hours

    The session is for supervisors of classified employees. The session includes a review of classified evaluation procedures and appropriate documentation related to classified employee performance.

    Evaluation Drop-In Help Session   Course Length: Varies

    Staff will be available to help navigate the online evaluation system or answer questions regarding evaluation. Please bring your laptop and questions. This session is a drop in help session. Please stop by at any time during the session window for any support needed related to evaluation (ex: forms, procedures, software).

    Mid-Year Support Information for Principals, Assistant Principals, and Central Office Administrators   Course Length: 1 hour

    The Mid-Year Support process provides continuing and probationary contract licensed employee assistance in performance areas that are in need of improvement. The process is also used to inform the employee that he/she may receive a rating of less than proficient on his/her formal evaluation. This session will provide administrators with information on how to: 1) submit the recommendation electronically, 2) navigate the Plan of Improvement (POI) process, and 3) provide closure or proceed beyond the Mid-Year Support process. The session will also offer an opportunity for Q & A.

    Navigating Employee Relations   Course Length: 3 hours

    The varying dynamics of each employee relations situation, the frequent emotional components, policy implications, and legal risks are examples of why navigating employee relations issues can be challenging, even for the most seasoned managers. This course is designed to:
    Discuss examples of employee relations scenarios we see in the workplace, including misconduct scenarios and attendance, FMLA, ADA, Workers Comp and HIPPA scenarios
    Provide administrators with tools to effectively address various employee relations scenarios

    Standard 7: Setting SMART Goals for Principals and Assistant Principals   Course Length: 2 hours

    The Virginia Department of Education Uniform Performance Standards and Evaluation Criteria require that student learning account for 40 percent of a teacher’s evaluation. LCPS uses SMART goal setting to measure student progress. Evaluators need to ensure the goals are appropriate, valid, and rigorous. The purposes of goal setting include focusing attention on students/learners and on instructional/program improvement. This process is based on determining baseline performance, developing strategies for improvement, and assessing results at the end of the academic year. More specifically, the intent of SMART goal setting is to: make explicit the connection between teaching and learning, make instructional decisions based upon student data, focus attention on student results, and ultimately
    increase student achievement.

    Respectful Workplace

    How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service   Course Length: 3-6 hours

    Today, keynote speakers are all focusing on the importance of customer service and satisfaction as the critical components of a successful business. Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence, calls it the "competitive edge."
    Developed and presented by customer service experts, this seminar teaches ways to work easily with others and create a more pleasant environment. We've drawn from what is working in companies all across America. Participants will learn ways to communicate keeping your composure under stress, and much more.This customer service training provided by an outside vendor will help participants understand how to head off problems, but also to rise to a level of service excellence.

    Policy Training for 7530: Duty to Report Child and Student Abuse or Neglect   Course Length: 1 hour

    This course provides information on recognizing potential child and student abuse, including “grooming” types of behaviors from adults and the reporting of child and student abuse or neglect.

    Policy Training for 7550: Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace   Course Length: 1 hour

    This course provides information on how to handle suspicions of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace and next steps for reporting.

    Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace (Employee Version)   Course Length: 1 hour

    The employee version of this training, utilizing an outside vendor, features a sequence of original stories that convey important training points as seen through the eyes of the participants. The program is designed to improve overall behavior, encourage communication, and help create a workplace that is respectful, productive and harassment-free.

    Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace (Manager Version)   Course Length: 1 hour

    The manager version of this training, utilizing an outside vendor, features a sequence of original stories that convey important training points as seen through the eyes of the participants. The program is designed to improve overall behavior, encourage communication, and help create a workplace that is respectful, productive and harassment-free. The program also includes specific guidelines for managers.

    Unconscious Bias (abbreviated version)   Course Length: 2 hours

    This is an interactive training experience that is focused on diversity and inclusion within the workplace. As LCPS leaders who empower others to lead, participants will learn how the ordinary functioning of the mind creates unconscious bias that shapes our behavior and decisions.

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