• Health and Physical Education

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                • Amy.Riggio@lcps.org, Specialist (elementary)
                • Kristian.Ellingsen@lcps.org, Resource Teacher (secondary)


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      Health and Physical Education provides all students with the knowledge, processes, and skills needed to become physically fit through activities that contribute to lifetime fitness and wellness. Students are provided the opportunity to acquire an understanding of health concepts and skills, and to apply them in making healthy decisions. All secondary students are required to have a fitness portfolio that includes present levels of fitness, an exercise plan, nutrition and fitness logs, and personal goals. Students maintain the portfolio to help them in making healthy choices and to track progress.  

     Elementary School

    Elementary students receive general or adapted physical education instruction with a PE specialist two days a week for 50 minutes. Students at the elementary level learn movement skills and concepts that build into instruction in a variety of physical activities, recreational games, and sports that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Health instruction is delivered by a combination of physical educators, school counselors, and classroom teachers.

    Middle School

    At the middle school level, general Health and Physical Education is taught every other day for 90 minutes. Adapted PE is offered five days a week for 45 minutes (unless otherwise specified in the IEP). The middle school PE model provides students with exposure to many activities, so that students may self-select in high school. Health is taught through instructional units both in a classroom setting and in the gym through movement, when appropriate.

    High School

    Two instructional units of Health & Physical Education are required for graduation in Virginia (HPE 9 and HPE 10 in LCPS). The high school model for Physical Education aligns with the Virginia SOLs, and allows students to self-select among a variety of lifetime activities. Adapted PE services are provided to qualifying students and Advanced PE is an elective course available to students in grades 11 and 12. Health is taught through instructional units both in a classroom setting and in the gym through movement, when appropriate. Instructional units in Health include CPR and First Aid certification in the 9th grade, classroom Driver Education in 10th grade, and a variety of other relevant health topics noted in the syllabi.

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  • Driver Education

    Along with preparing students for their driver's tests, Driver's Ed will teach them the skills required of safe, responsible drivers.


    Completing a driver's education course will put a student one step closer to meeting the requirements for a learner's permit and getting behind the wheel with a driver's license.  For more information click here.

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