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  • Program Overview

    Kindergarten Program Overview


    Welcome to Loudoun County Public Schools! Your child is about to begin a new adventure. Beginning kindergarten is an exciting time for your family, and we look forward to our part in the adventure. The kindergarten program provides a period of transition for the five-year-old child between informal learning in the home or preschool and the more formal learning offered by the elementary schools.  A primary focus is providing instruction to each student at his/her stage of development.  This is accomplished by integrating the skills and understanding of all subject areas and by providing for differentiated instruction, based on the needs of the students.  Many manipulative and hands-on experiences are included in the program to ensure that it is developmentally consistent with the way in which five-year-olds learn best. The kindergarten teacher works with each child based on his or her needs. Working together, we will continue to nurture your child’s curiosity and natural wonder for the world and all of its opportunities. You may anticipate a year of great wonder, enthusiasm, and engagement as your child meets new friends and enjoys a wide variety of learning experiences.

  • Kindergarten Registration

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    When Can My Child Go To Kindergarten?  

    According to the Code of Virginia (22.1-1), Children who reach their fifth birthday on or before

    September 30 may enter kindergarten in that year. Children whose birthdays fall after September 30 enter kindergarten the following year.


    Does My Child Have To Go To Kindergarten? 

    Under the compulsory attendance laws of Virginia, a child whose fifth birthday falls on or before September 30 of a given year must be enrolled in school for that school year. However, a child's attendance may be delayed for one year if, in the opinion of the parent or guardian, the child is not mentally, physically, or emotionally prepared to attend school. You must inform the Department of Pupil Services, Pupil Services Coordinator, in writing if you decide not to register your child. A letter may be sent to Pupil Services Coordinator, Loudoun County Public Schools, 21000 Education Court, Ashburn, Virginia 20148.  


    Can my child go to first grade instead of kindergarten?

    A child who is 5 by September 30 will be placed in first grade without a trial placement if s/he was enrolled in and has successfully completed a kindergarten program in a non-public schoolrecognized as participating in the accreditation program under the auspices of the Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE). Parents must provide evidence (report card or transcript) that indicates that the child has successfully completed the kindergarten program at the non-public school.


    A child who is 5 by September 30 will be placed in first grade without a trial placement if s/he was enrolled in and has successfully completed a kindergarten program in a Distance Education School participating in the accreditation program under the auspices of the Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE). Parents must provide evidence (report card or transcript) that indicates that the child has successfully completed the kindergarten program at the distance Education School.


    If you wish to view the entire VCPE list, please go to http://www.vcpe.org/.


    A list of those in Loudoun County and some in neighboring counties can be found here.


    All other children of kindergarten age whose parents request first grade placement may be placed in the first grade ONLY after appropriate observation and evaluation. Evaluation of the student will not occur prior to the end of the current school year.  The principal may choose to do an evaluation during the summer or may choose to place the child in kindergarten to observe and evaluate prior to making the decision regarding grade placement.  The final grade placement must be made no later than the student’s first month of school.

    Parents should make the request to their child's principal and understand that the final decision on grade placement rests with the principal.


    Can a child who was enrolled in public kindergarten in another state enter kindergarten in Loudoun County?

    If the child was not 5 by September 30 of the school year, he or she may not enter school. The code of Virginia (22.1-1) defines a person of school age as being 5 by September 30.  If the child was 5 by September 30 of the school year, he or she may enter school. Active Duty Military families, please contact the Office of Elementary Education for additional information.


    Where Do I Register? 

    All elementary schools will have a county-designated day to register students in their attendance zone only.  If there are questions about attendance zones, go to www.lcps.org.  At the left side of the web page, you will see the caption "School Attendance Boundaries."  This link will take you to LABEL, our system used to determine your school boundary site. If you have questions about LABEL, you may contact the Department of Planning and Legislative Services at 571-252-1050.


    What Are the Hours for Full-Day Kindergarten Programs? 

    Full-day kindergarten:  Children attend school for six hours and 45 minutes along with all students in grades 1-5.  The school day is from 7:50am-2:35pm.  Two elementary schools, Ball’s Bluff and Leesburg, have different start and end times (8:15am-3:00pm).  


    What Do I Bring To Registration?

    You must present the following information:

    • Proof of Loudoun County primary residency
    • Original birth certificate or notarized affidavit 
    • Photo identification of the parent
    • Legal/custody papers if needed
    • Signed and completed registration form (available from the school or from our main webpage, see below)


    Additionally, all students must have Part I of the Health Information Section of the School Entrance Physical Examination and Immunization Certification (MCH 213-F) completed before they can enter school.  It is not necessary to have a completed Physical form at the time of registration. However, every child must have a completed Physical Examination form and Immunization Certification completed before the first day of school.


    Detailed information and forms, may be found on the main website for Loudoun County Public Schools at www.lcps.org.  Proceed to Quick Links, scroll down that list (mid-way down on the right-hand side of the page) and click on Registration


    How Do I Learn About My Child's Progress?

    Kindergarten teachers hold parent conferences during the first grading period of the school year and thereafter, may request a parent conference at any time.  A kindergarten report card is issued four times during the year. Parents may request a conference with their child's teacher at any time. 


    Is Transportation Provided?

    Bus transportation is provided for children who live more than one (1.0) mile from their neighborhood school.  Should the home or day care provider be within the school's walking area, school bus transportation is only provided at mid-day to deliver A.M. kindergarten students home or to transport P.M. kindergarten students to school.   A list of bus routes is available on the website for Loudoun County Public Schools - https://www.lcps.org. Any changes to your child's daily schedule must be reported to the school.  Parents must walk their young children to and from the bus stop or arrange for another adult to do so. 


    How Large Are The Classes?

    Each class has a maximum of 25 students.  A teacher's assistant is provided to classes of 15 students or more.


    Child Care Resources

    For information about before and after school programs, please contact your child's school or access www.loudoun.gov .  Select Services, and then Children's Services.  The Children's Services page contains Loudoun County government links to child care resources, after school programs, and Parks & Recreation services. 


    Contact Information for Kindergarten

    Division of Elementary Education - (571) 252-1290

  • Literacy Screening (PALS)

    PALS - Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening


    The Phonological Awareness and Literacy Screening (PALS) is the state-provided screening tool for Virginia’s Early Intervention Reading Initiative.  PALS consists of two screening instruments, PALS K (for students in kindergarten) and PALS 1-3 (for students in grades one through three), which measure young children’s knowledge of letter sounds, spelling, concept of word, word recognition in isolation, and oral passage reading.  The major purpose of PALS is to identify those students who are below grade-level expectations in these areas and may be in need of additional reading instruction.

    PALS testing dates, data entry dates, benchmarks scores, and grade levels to be tested are established by the state annually. PALS is administered three times a year; at the beginning of the school year, mid-year for students who did not meet the fall benchmark and at the end of the school year.  The state provides a limited amount of funding for remediation.


  • Reading & Writing (Pathways)

    Loudoun’s Pathways to Reading and Writing, an explicit staff-development model, provides kindergarten through third grade teachers and instructional specialists with a consistent, research and strategies-based framework of reading and writing instruction. The program incorporates the skills of spelling, writing, reading comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary.  The Pathways multi-approach literacy framework helps teachers provide their students with specific skills to become better readers and writers.  
    How is this literacy program conducted in the classroom?  The students participate in large group, small group, and independent activities during reading and writing time.  The students work on skills such as:
    • Letters and Sounds:  Letters have distinctive features and may be identified by names or sounds.
    • Word Study:  The phonetic and structural features of words.
    • Comprehension:  The process of constructing meaning while reading.
    • Phonics:  Letter and sound relationships and how they are used in reading and writing.
    • Independent Reading:  Students read texts independently with teacher support as needed.
    • Shared Reading:  Teacher and students read text together concentrating on targeted skills.
    • Guided Reading and Strategy Lessons:  Teacher guides the reading of small, differentiated student groups with appropriate leveled texts.
    • Read Aloud:  Teacher reads text aloud to students in order to model and focus on skills.
    • Writers Workshop:  Students are engaged in the writing process and produce pieces of writing in many genres.

    Who Provides Interventions to Struggling Readers and Writers?
    The classroom teacher, Reading Specialist, Title I teacher, English Language teacher or Special Education teacher provide support to as many classrooms as possible by working with small groups of students who need additional instruction in literacy.

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