• Device Requirements

    The vision of Virtual Loudoun Online is to cultivate quality, flexible, self-paced virtual learning.

  • Device Requirements

    Students will need regular access to a Chromebook, laptop, or desktop computer with a high-speed broadband internet connection1.  The device should be audio-enabled, with speakers/headphones and a microphone.  (A mobile device alone is not sufficient to complete a Virtual Loudoun course.)


    The device must be able to support the recommended minimum requirements below.  The following browser recommendations and settings will improve your experience and help to ensure access to the activities and materials in your Virtual Loudoun courses. 


    Recommended Browsers and Versions

    • We recommend you use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge for the best experience
    • Schoology may also operate on other browsers not listed, but with qualifications

    Browser Settings2

    • Enable Cookies
    • Pop-up Blockers should be disabled
    • Enable Javascript

    Instructions for browser settings for are available here:

    Device/Browser Add-ons

    You may need install3 the following programs or add-ons if not already installed on your device:

    • Microsoft Office

    LCPS students can download free a copy of Microsoft Office here  (Log in with your LCPS credentials.)

    • A PDF Reader - To view PDF files, you need a PDF reader to be installed on your computer; A PDF browser plugin will let you view PDFs in a browser window without opening a separate program

    Download Adobe Reader at http://get.adobe.com/reader/. The download includes the browser plugin. To install this plugin, follow prompts.

    For specific device questions related to your Virtual Loudoun course, please see the the Technology Resources page.



    1 Virtual Loudoun Online courses are heavily video intensive.  A slow internet connection will affect the performance of multimedia elements in the courses.
    2 In most browsers, you can make an exception for https://learn.lcps.org if you don't want to use these settings for all websites.
    3 You will need sufficient user permissions on your device to install and use full functionality  when using certain plug-in applications.

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Last Modified on August 8, 2023